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When you log in at the online casino to play slots, card games, and casino classics like Roulette it's a truly exciting experience. With a little luck it can turn out to be profitable as well. Unfortunately, some of your enjoyment could be spent worrying about the security of the online banking system. Therefore, many casino players from Canada use Instadebit, a banking system that allows you to transfer money from your Canadian bank account without revealing any personal details to the casino. Once you sign up to Instadebit, you'll never again have to reveal any personal data to make online payments. Since every credible online casino site accepts your payments in Loonies from Instadebit, your money is safe and your betting is always discrete.

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Perfect for the Online Casino Canada

Unlike other online banking systems, which require you to pre-purchase vouchers or deposit funds into a special online account, Instadebit connects directly to your Canadian bank account. That means you never have to worry about falling short on funds at the online casino while money sits in your bank account. It also means that all of the transactions are validated through the Canadian banking system and credit bureau, which eliminates the possibility of identity fraud and Internet theft. When you are ready to make a deposit at the online casino, just click on the Instadebit icon at the checkout window and your Loonies move instantly from your bank account to your online casino account. It is really that simple.

The Quickest Online Banking System

Even if you aren't signed up to an Instadebit account before you arrive at the online casino, you can still choose to use the service to make a deposit. It only takes a few minutes to get the accounted up and running and, once you sign up, only a few minutes more to begin using it. That means that you can use Instadebit even if you have used other online banking systems in the past. Right now, Instadebit is available only to Canadian residents, so take advantage of the special opportunity.

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