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The History of Casino War

You can trace human history back to the beginning of time and you will realize a scary fact. We fight lots of Wars. There are Wars of conquest, Wars of defence, and just Wars for no reason at all. But in every century, many people have died in Wars. Fortunately, the history of the card game War is not nearly as depressing.

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Almost everyone has played the card game War, yet few people know its origins. Everyone has played this game that seems to never end in which the deck is divided into two parts and each player gets half. The players then flip over cards and the one with the higher card is the winner and captures the other player's card. In case of a tie, the players fight a War. To fight a War, the players must deal out three cards and flip the next. Whoever has a higher value in their face-up card gets to grab all ten cards on the table.

The Rules of War

Now you notice that it states "the rules" above. To tell you the truth, the rules were never written down until the modern era. Until very recently, the rules of War were an oral tradition, passed down through the generations. Although most people never read a book to learn the rules, they are "according to Hoyle" and are included in his penultimate guide to card games.

Legend has it that the game was invented by King Arthur. King Arthur would often get tired of jousting. According to legend, he and Lancelot were together when Arthur's wife Guinevere suggested that they play cards. Arthur wanted a game that was both simple to understand, and would have a military theme so his knights would enjoy it. It was actually his friend Merlin who came up with the game.

War Spreads Around the World

The game spread rapidly in the Middle Ages because many people were confined to their homes during the plague. They preferred to stay at home and play board games. Of course, War was popular because all you needed was a deck of cards and lots of time. In the Dark Ages people didn't have a lot, but these two things most people had.

The game of War spread around the world and within no time at all, people in Africa, China, South America, and the New World were playing War.

"War" Becomes "Casino War"

During the second half of the twentieth century, a Las Vegas casino owner decided that since so many people enjoyed playing War, they might as well play it in his casino. He changed the name of the game from War to Casino War, and changed the rules slightly so that instead of playing solely for the thrill of capturing the entire deck, people could play Casino War for real money. The game of Casino War caught on and was introduced as a full-fledged casino game in casinos around the world.

Online Casino War

The next step in Casino War history was the creation of the online casinos in the 1990s and the introduction of online Casino War. To play Casino War online, you don't have to travel to a casino, you don't have to own a deck of playing cards, and you don't have to find a partner who's willing to play with you. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Just logon to your favourite online casino and play Casino War to your heart's content. The computer will never get tired. As long as you want a game of Casino War, you will have one. Online Casino War is the simplest of the online casino card games, but for that reason many people find it relaxing and enjoyable.

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