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Owning Your Own Slot Machine

There are two types of people who own slot machines: one is the serious collector and the other one just thinks it's cool to have a slot machine in the basement along with, say, a pool table and a classic pinball machine. In other words, a slot machine can complete the perfect rec room or it can be an item in an extremely valuable collection of antique gaming machines.
Collecting slot machines is a real hobby. It takes time, determination and effort to find an old machine; to die-hard collectors, it's worth the work. A slot-machine collector can spend months searching for a specific machine and the journey is a big part of the fun. Actually buying the sought-after artifact is the coup at the end of the rainbow, though holding onto it is often an afterthought; valuable slot machines are frequently sold shortly after the hard-fought purchase. Collectors are their own ilk and slot-machine collectors are a sub-section of these unusual people.

Playing Your Slot Machine

On the other hand, the recreational slot owner really wants to own the machine for what it is — an entertaining toy that smacks of history and originality and that not everyone on the block already has. A slot machine owner (as opposed to a slot machine collector) loves to play his new game; the collector who wants to keep his baby in pristine condition will probably just gaze at it (until he unloads it). To a slot player/owner, the value of the machine is secondary; the fact that he has a real slot machine in his very own basement is all that matters. The pedigree of the machine is not important to a slot machine owner; an oldie is not necessarily a goodie - the slot owner is looking for a machine that works and that will give him many hours of pleasure. The hunt doesn't interest him, only the end results. He buys to play; he doesn't buy to admire.

A Slot Machine for Fun; Online Slots for Money

Of course, the slot machine in your basement is a strictly-for-fun slot machine. No one is going to pay you any money when the winning slots symbols line up. For that reason, many people like to buy an old slot machine to play for fun AND to join an online casino to play online slots for real money. The former gives you the thrill and the physical sensation of actually pulling a real lever and seeing actual reels spin around. The latter gives you the chance to win real cash jackpots that are, of course, a thrill in their own right.

Any potential slot machine owner — the collector or the player — has to find out first if it's legal to own a slot machine where he or she lives. Once that's out of the way, the Internet is a great source of information for the buyer. Slot machines can range from thousands of dollars (for an antique fully functioning slot machine) to several hundred dollars (for a later-model slot machine, which can still supply hours of fun). Just like it's a good idea to check out the various slot machine sites online before playing slots online, it's a good idea to seek advice online about the slot machine market before parting with your hard-earned money to buy one.

A Bally Slot Machine is a Sure Bet

A slot buyer looking for a cool addition to his game room may opt for a Bally machine. These machines have a solid reputation behind them (due to the Bally name) and have all the bells and whistles a slot machine lover is looking for. We're not talking about video slots, either; we're talking about the original one-armed bandits, though one that goes back 20 or 30 years, as opposed to a super-valuable 100-year old antique. The collector, on the other hand, will probably go back at least half a century to a vintage machine with its unique style and value — and the commensurate price tag. Auctions are also a good source for purchasing a slot machine. Whatever kind of slot owner you are — recreational or collector — read up, pay up, and enjoy your slot machine!

Jackpots Total

Mega Moolah (Mega) $5,741,418
King Cashalot $729,827
Major Millions $437,750
Poker Ride $224,668