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Slots Tournaments Tutorial

The Viper lobby comes fully equipped with the latest slots sensation: Multi Player Viper Slots Tournaments (MPV). These tournaments are packed with excitement and hours of fun, and we thought it would be useful for you to learn a bit about the menu screens, to help you find your ideal slots tournament.

To get to the slot tournaments, download the All Jackpots Casino software choose "Tournaments" from the menu on the left-hand side of the casino lobby. Once inside the tournament section, select either Scheduled or Sit & Go tournaments. Click a tournament name to view the details by navigating through the four tabs that appear on the right side of the screen. The four tabs are:

1. General
2. Prize
3. Players
4. Rules

Note that there is a join button on the lower right corner of each of the 4 tabs.

  1. General:
  2. On this tab, you can see the entry fee, the top prize and the prize pool. You can also see vital information about the tournament like when the tournament begins and in the case of Sit & Go, you can see how many other players have entered the tournament. This is important if you are looking to round out a five-player tournament and begin without waiting for others.
  3. Prize:
  4. Click on this tab to see all the prizes for the top finishers. This is particularly useful as not all tournaments offer the same prizes.
  5. Players:
  6. Before a tournament begins, you can click here to see exactly who else will be playing by looking in the Alias column. And while the tournament is in progress, you can keep track of the top players by sorting the players by Position or the Win Box column. This very useful, as you can come into tournaments knowing what you are up against before you begin playing. Another nice feature is that when players finish, you can keep track of how many coins they had left in the Coins field. While these coins do not count towards the amount in the win box, it is an interesting stat. Finally, the Prize amount is shown on this screen, but is only considered final when a tournament is completed.
  7. Rules:
  8. Click the Rules tab to see all the details about the tournament. This page should be carefully reviewed so you know exactly what is going to happen in the tournament. The list includes:
    • Prize Pool – the total amount of money that is going to be distributed in the tournament.
    • Entry Fee – how much money it costs to enter the tournament.
    • Minimum/Maximum number of Players – show how many players can join the tournament. If the minimum number doesn’t get the required amount, the tournament will not begin and everybody who signed up for it will receive their money back.
    • Duration – this is how long the tournament lasts; during that time you may leave the casino and enter it again and still join the tournament. You may start for one cycle, play other games and return later for more cycles until the tournaments ends.
    • Play time - how much time you get to play the first cycle (some tournaments allow you to play in additional cycles; however, these cycles differ from the initial cycle).
    • Starting Coins – displays how many coins you receive at the beginning of the tournament. Any amount of coins that are left at the end of the tournament play time will follow to the next stage if you choose to play in another cycle. If any coins remain at the end of the tournament, they are not counted – so be sure to spin as fast as you can!
    • Minimum / Maximum bet – the amount of bets you can place in any spin of the reels. We recommend to always place the maximum bet when you play in tournaments, but remember if you get your coin box to lower than the maximum bet you will need to manually change the bet.
    • Continue Play Options – some tournaments allow you to play in additional cycles; however, these cycles differ from the initial cycle. Continue Play Option is the number of cycles / periods you can play in the tournament, the coins you collect in all the cycles are added to your win box.
    • Continue Play Time – how much time you get for each additional cycle.
    • Continue Coins – how many coins you will receive for each additional cycles. In addition to this amount, you will be able to use any left over coins from the previous cycles.
    • Continue Costs – how much you have to pay for each additional cycle.
    • Number of Rebuys – some tournaments allow you to start the tournament from the beginning. Unlike the continue play option, when you choose to re-buy your score is reset to 0 and you have the chance to start playing the tournament again from the beginning for a higher score. If your score is greater after the rebuy round, that score will be kept on the scoreboard. If it is less, your old score will remain.
    • Rebuy time- how much time you get for each additional rebuy.
    • Rebuy coins - how many coins you will receive for each additional rebuy.
    • Rebuy price - how much you have to pay for each additional rebuy.
    • Number of Rounds – some tournaments has more then one round. If a tournament has more than one round it means that the top winners from the first round are invited to play a second round. In the second round all the players win boxes are reset to 0 and they all start to play from the beginning.

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