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Baccarat Strategies

Although Baccarat is often thought of as an elitist game for millionaires and jet setters, there is really no need to be afraid of the game. Baccarat is a fun casino card game for everyone, not just James Bond. Winning Baccarat just takes a little luck and some strategic playing.


Forget the Baccarat "Systems"

First of all, you can forget all the complicated systems you have ever heard of for winning. For goodness sakes, do not spend money on a system for winning Baccarat. There is absolutely no need. Forget counting cards or keeping notes of past outcomes. The payoffs for these energy consuming strategies are so low that they are nearly non-existent. The Martingale system of betting will also not work toward your benefit. You will quickly hit the casino's maximum bet, or run out of money, so forget it too. Instead, only employ strategies that allow you to truly maximize your time at the table and the final amount of cash you walk away with.

Look for a One-Deck Baccarat Game

A simple but important Baccarat strategy is to be sure you are playing with the lowest possible number of decks. Some casinos play with 6 decks, others with 8. All Jackpots Casino offers an online Baccarat game with a single deck of cards. This is one of the advantages of playing Baccarat online.The odds are very slightly less toward the house the fewer decks in the game. Though the difference is small, it should not be ignored.

Understand the Baccarat Bets

Each possible bet offered on the Baccarat table has its advantages and disadvantages. These are the basic Baccarat bets:
  • A bet on Banker wins most often, but the casino takes a 5% commission from your winnings.
  • A bet on Player wins slightly less often, but you get to keep your entire winning payout.
  • A bet on Tie wins least often, but pays a very nice 8-to-1 jackpot when it does win.
Your personal Baccarat strategy should be based on understanding the different types of bets, and then choosing wisely based on your personality, your bankroll, and your online casino gambling goals.

The Most Important Strategy for Baccarat

The absolutely most important strategy for Baccarat is: Enjoy the game! Don't be intimidated by the fancy reputation. Don't get obsessed with highfalutin' systems for winning. Don't forget that Baccarat is a game and should be fun.

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