7 Tips For Surviving Black Friday

In little more than a month, one of the most anticipated and feared days in retail will be upon us. If you have ever survived the rush of Black Friday, you will know that it’s not for folk who cannot handle queues or crowds – or is it?

There are a few tips that might just revolutionise the way you approach the day after North America celebrates Thanksgiving. But while you wait for the day to arrive, why not sign up and play at All Jackpots online casino and stand a chance of boosting your Black Friday budget? You can take advantage of a hugely generous sign-up bonus of up to CA$800 on your first 2 deposits. Plus, there also are other exclusive, individual offers every month that offer additional rewards!

Now that you know where to give your budget a boost, check out our 7 tips on enjoying Black Friday to make sure you make the most of a day of serious discounts.

1. Make Sure You Budget

One of the best things you can do before the big day arrives is to budget. If any shopping trip brings with it the risk of overspending on impulse buys, this is it. Before you even take a look at the adverts, work out how much you can justifiably afford to spend. It is just as important to ensure that you stick to your budget. You may find it helpful to draw your Black Friday budget in cash, and to leave your debit and credit cards at home.

2. Prioritize Your Wants

The day on which almost everything must go sees practically everything but the stores’ own kitchen sinks retailing at unbelievable prices. This does not mean you should try to buy as much as you possibly can, nor does it mean you should stress yourself out by trying to get everything on your list. Save time and keep your anxiety levels manageable by prioritizing what you want. Put the items you desperately want at the top of the list, and aim to get them first when you get to the shops.

3. Sign Up for Store Mailers

Almost every store has a Black Friday sale, and there is no way you can get to all of them. You certainly will not have the time or space to browse. Get around this by deciding which shops you want to focus on this year. You can easily join their mailing lists via their websites, and be sure to follow their social media channels. That way, you can find out which store has what, and how much it will cost. Their mailers can be one of the biggest helps to planning your day.

4. Shop Early Or Shop Late

There are two possible ways in which you could avoid the Black Friday rush, or at least the worst of it. The first is to wake up long before sunrise and to wait outside your preferred stores until they open. That way, you probably will not miss out on the really fantastic offers. Alternatively, you can wait until late, as many stores have extended trading hours on the day. One of the benefits is that, rather than missing out on all the good stuff, you can take advantage of late shopper deals, which either sees even bigger discounts, or a limited-number choice items unpacked.

5. Shop Online If Possible

You might not need to face any crowds on Black Friday. An alternative to going to the shops is to make your purchases online. Many stores limit their so-called door-busters to in-store only, but many of their other discounted items will be available online. You could do in a few minutes on your computer or mobile what may take you hours of pushing and shoving your way through a crowd of thousands of frenzied shoppers.

6. Take Proof of the Adverts With You

This goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing your Black Friday shopping. It may happen that your most wanted items are all sold before you get there. What then? Do you try to browse shelves? Find a quiet corner in which to try to remember all those adverts you saw? Good luck with that. If you take the adverts with you, you know exactly what the store has, you can find alternatives, and you can avoid any potential price disputes.

7. Remember Not All Deals Are Good Deals

Some Black Friday deals look amazing at first, and then, a few weeks later, shoppers realise that those deals could have been much better. The reality is that some retailers do offer a hefty discount of 30%, for example, on a specific item. However, the retailer has no intention of clearing all of that stock. That same item will still be on the shelves in the weeks before Christmas, which is when you mind find it being sold at a 40% discount at the same shop.