Classic Blackjack Rules and Terms

Classic Blackjack Rules and Terms
Classic Blackjack is an exciting online casino game in which the Player attempts to obtain a stronger hand than the dealer. The aim is to get a hand of cards whose total point value is higher than the dealer’s but without going over 21 points, as this would be “Bust”.

Rules of How to Play Classic Blackjack

The game of Classic Blackjack is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards and the cards are shuffled after the completion of every game.

The goal is to try to obtain a Blackjack hand, as this is the strongest hand in Blackjack and cannot be beaten, only matched. Such a hand is created when the Player’s cards contain an Ace and a face card. It should be noted that all face cards, that is Kings, Queens and Jacks, have a value of ten, that Aces can have the value of either one or eleven.When playing Classic Blackjack in the online casino, a Player may draw up to nine additional cards, making a hand of up to eleven cards, provided that the total hand value does not exceed twenty-one. Once a Player has received his desired cards, he Stands (no more cards are drawn) and the Dealer plays his hand.

Under the rules of blackjack, the Dealer is required to Stand on all hands of seventeen, which means that he cannot draw another card if he carries a value of over 16 in his hand. If the Dealer is “bust”, the Player automatically wins at blackjack.

How to Win at Classic Blackjack

In Classic Blackjack, if the Player wins with a Blackjack, payout will be made, according to odds of 3:2 on the original bet. This means that a Player would receive one-and-a-half times the original bet amount, plus the amount of the original bet.

If the Player manages to obtain a higher total card value than the Dealer, but the hand does not contain a Blackjack, then payout is made according to odds of 1:1 on the original bet. This means that the Player would receive one time the original bet amount plus the original bet.

If the Dealer’s hand exceeds twenty-one, it is considered “Bust” and the Player automatically wins the online blackjack game.

In the event that the hands of the Player and the Dealer create a tie, this is called a “Push”. If this occurs, the Player would be paid the original bet amount.

If the Dealer obtains a Blackjack after a Player has Hit, Split or Doubled Down, the complete bet is lost. (Try to avoid this one, as if this occurs you will lose your wager.)

Definitions and Terms for Classic Blackjack


21 is the name for a hand of cards whose value totals the number of 21, but is not a Blackjack. Remember that Blackjack is the strongest possible hand and always beats any other hand, including one with a total value of 21.Blackjack
A blackjack is the term for a hand containing an Ace together with a face card (11 + 10 = 21). A blackjack cannot be beaten, it may only be matched.Bust
A “Bust” occurs when the total value of one’s hand exceeds the number 21 (for example, if you already have 15 and then draw an Eight). 

Denomination refers to the value of the each of the face and number cards. It should be noted that a King, Queen or Jack have the value of 10, while an Ace can serve as either 1 or 11.

Double Down
To double down provides the Player with the option of doubling the original bet when the hand contains a value of nine, ten or eleven. Following such an action, the Player will be dealt only more one card. It should be taken into consideration that one may not double down after a Split and one may take advantage of this rule once only per hand.

A Hit is when an additional card is requested as the Player believes that this will make the hand stronger.

Insurance is an option which may be taken out on the original dealt hand when the Dealer’s first face up card is an Ace. The amount placed on the Insurance bet is equal to half the amount of the original bet. Any wins or losses from the Insurance are totally independent from the original bet placed. If the Dealer’s hand produces a Blackjack, then payout for the Insurance bet is made at odds of 2:1. However if there is no blackjack in the Dealer’s hand, the Insurance bet is removed from the table and the cost of this bet is deducted accordingly.

A Push occurs upon a tie between the hands of the Player and the Dealer.

Upon the receipt of two cards of the same denomination (for example, if you have two 7’s dealt one after the other), a Player has the option to “split” the cards and play two separate hands. This can be done by placing a bet on the second hand equal to that of the original bet. It should be noted that if a pair of Aces have been split, they cannot create a Blackjack, even if the total of one of the hands reaches the value of twenty-one using a face card.

A Stand occurs when the Player does not wish to draw any additional cards.

The term Value refers to the numerical value of a card.