Online Keno Varieties

Online Keno Types

Have loads of good fun all day long playing online Keno. The game of Keno has simple, easy to understand set of rules. There’s no need for detailed strategy or to worry about how to play. The game of keno is actually quite similar to bingo or a lottery. There are 80 numbers on the game board and you select anywhere from 1 to either 10 or 15 numbers to bet on, depending on the type of keno game you are playing. At that point, the computer randomly selects 20 numbers and you see if any of the numbers that you bet on are in the winning selection.

Easy Fun with Keno

That’s it! You can select numbers that you love; dates of birthdays in your family; the calorie count of the last item you ate – or anything else for that matter! You won’t have to learn any formulas or pay attention to fast moving cards. The casino online All Jackpots Casino, for instance, offers versions of keno that will keep you having fun and enjoying the fast results and the instant action.

Variations of Online Keno

When you play online Keno, you’ll see some variations in the game. While there is always the traditional board with 80 numbers, there are some varieties with the games. Traditional keno is described above, but it’s important to pay attention to whether you can bet on 10 or 15 of the numbers. With Power Keno, you’ll win quadruple your winnings if the 20th number is a match with yours. With Super Keno, your winners will be quadrupled like this if the first number is a match.

More online Keno Variations

There are even more online Keno variations. With Combination Keno, you’ll be able to select different groups of numbers. This allows for even greater chances to win, rather than only being able to pick 15 individual numbers. There are also mobile keno options in many locations, making this a fun way to play on your mobile device. With most of these games, you’ll win more by betting on less numbers. Obviously, the more numbers you select, the more you’ve increased your chances of winning and decreased the odds.

Keno Craze

Have more fun with the simplicity of the keno game today. You’ll love following the rules, since they are so straightforward and easy to deal with. Enjoy online Keno from the comfort of your home and your computer and watch the numbers today!

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