Play Online Keno Canada

Top Canadian Online Keno at All Jackpots Casino

Keno is an exciting lottery style casino game loosely based on the ancient Chinese diversion using a board filled with Chinese characters. The object of the game was to try and match some of the board characters with a throw of dice. Today’s Keno is very similar and can be found at land based and online casinos across the globe. Online Keno is a top popular game found at most Canadian online casinos, including the favourite online casino All Jackpots. All Jackpots is an international online casino that offers Canadian players the ability to play casino games in Loonies, as well as offering top level local customer support.

How to Play Online Keno

The game of online Keno is extremely popular because it is so easy to play and offers instant results whether you are playing for real money or for fun at a downloadable casino or at a flash casino. Once you have clicked on to the Keno game you are presented with a board of 80 numbers, of which you can choose up to 10. A bet is placed and then the computer will randomly churn out different numbers. If any of your numbers match then you are a winner. The more numbers that you have chosen which match the churned out numbers from the computer, the greater the win will be.

Play Online Keno at a Canadian Casino

Apart from being able to play with Loonies, and the local customer support at All Jackpots Canada casino, you are also eligible to make use of the exciting bonus offers given at the casino, whether you are a new or existing player. As a new player to the casino online you can make use of the generous sign up bonus offer for your online Keno game which will add cash to your deposits. There are also ongoing bonuses which can be used for the Keno game at the All Jackpots Canada casino. Playing Keno at a casino online if you are a Canadian resident has become a lot easier with the local casinos which offer game play in Loonies and with helpful local support around the clock.