One Crazy Idea, One Huge Payout…Times 7

Have you ever had a seemingly crazy idea for a business? Well, it may not be so insane after all. Here are seven entrepreneurs who became millionaires or even billionaires thanks to their imaginations and persistence. The Million Dollar Homepage Everyone knows attending university in the UK is not cheap. While you could try for scholarships or take out a loan, British student Alex Tew turned to the internet to pay for his studies. He registered the domain in 2005. [Read more ...]

Gold Falls From Russian Plane

Gold that fell from the sky

In a scene that must have made onlookers think an angel hit the jackpot on a heavenly slot, gold and silver bars rained from the sky in Russia. The incident occurred in the Siberian city of Yakutsk, 5000 miles from Moscow last month. According to reports, one of the doors of a cargo plane burst open shortly after take-off, sending 3.4 tons of an alloy composed of silver and gold, known as doré, plummeting onto the runway. The remainder of the more than 9 tons of the stuff, worth approximately [Read more ...]

Why Africa’s Ripe for the Digital Revolution

Africa on the brink of a digital revolution

In many ways, Africa remains the ultimate paradox. The cradle of the human species and home to some of our earliest civilisations, the continent remains – in some areas – one of the least developed in modern times, while on the cutting edge in others. A much more recent paradox is the fact that while most of the continent struggles for Internet access – only South Africa, Nigeria and Morocco have around 50 per cent of their citizens online, and it’s much lower in most [Read more ...]

Self-Indulgence and Selfieccinos

Put your face on a Selfieccino

One London café has created the ultimate millennial mash-up by combining two of your favourite pastimes – taking selfies and drinking coffee. The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser is home to the most Instagram-worthy beverage making the rounds on social media. Located on one of London’s busiest shopping streets, The Tea Terrace is the first location in Europe to deliver the “Selfieccino”. This is no ordinary espresso based drink, charged with steamed milk and pillow-soft froth. Oh, no [Read more ...]

Drake’s Fortnight Stream Breaks Twitch Record

Twitch breaks records

Twitch saw a new viewership record set when pop star Drake joined professional gamer Tyler Ninja Blevins and others to play Fortnite: Battle Royale. The video live streaming platform confirmed that as many as 628 000 users watched the stream on 14 March, which also became a trending topic on Twitter. The record for single-player stream viewers sat at 388 000 previously. Joining Drake and Ninja for the event in which the platform was the winner, were Travis Scott, better known for his career as [Read more ...]

The Best of Stephen Hawking Through the Years

Stephen Hawking at NASA

The recent passing of world-renowned physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking has been a sad loss to both the scientific fraternity and the world in general. He was one of few scientists who put considerable effort into making complex concepts comprehensible to the general public. Hawking’s History Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at 21 and at the time, he was told he only had 2 years to live. It is safe to say that Hawking’s put up a good fight, as he passed away at the age of 76 [Read more ...]

World Cup 2018 Football Jerseys

Fifa World Cup 2018 logo

The 100-day countdown to the 2018 FIFA World Cup has begun. Despite issues of stadium readiness, logistical problems and potentially low ticket sales, Russia has finalised their preparations and are ready to welcome the world. 2018 marks the 21st running of what is arguably the world’s most exciting sporting event. This year, there will be 32 teams competing for glory; with every game being broadcast or streamed live to millions of patriots and sports fans around the world. 31 of the 32 [Read more ...]

The Diets of Elite Athletes

What Olympic athletes eat to stay on track

Michael Phelps famously claimed to eat 12,000 calories a day in the lead-up to big events, though he later admitted the amount he consumed was “only” between 8,000 and 10,000 calories in 24 hours. This is still far more than the average person consumes, or needs to consume, but is it average for athletes at Phelps’ elite level? What do pros like the medallists we just watched at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang need to perform at their best? Similarities and Differences in What [Read more ...]

Six Famous Cheating Sport Heroes that we Love to Hate

Cheaters: Eventually they get caught

Everyone enjoys watching their favourite sports heroes excel in their arena. Almost as much as we enjoy watching them suffer for their transgressions. People need someone to love, but also someone to hate. Those someone’s? Famous people of course. We cheer for them when they do well and cry with them when they fail, and love to hate them when they are caught cheating. When they have wasted our personal investment of time and energy and blind support, we will happily gather round the TV and [Read more ...]

7 Weird Foods around the World

Fermented Shark

Feeling gastronomically adventurous? Try these foods out when you travel… #1 – Puffin Heart This is a delicacy in Iceland – traditionally, you slice it out of the bird and eat it raw as soon as you’ve wrung the puffin’s neck. If you can look a puffin in the eye and snap its neck, you’ll be rewarded with a nibble that apparently tastes “like a fishier version of duck”. Yum. Still, it’s not the worst meal you could be offered in Iceland. [Read more ...]