Food Roulette to Thrill Your Taste Buds

Take a gamble on food Roulette

Russian Roulette, the fate-tempting game of chance with deadly consequences, was undoubtedly inspired by Roulette’s iconic wheel. Thankfully, a few enterprising foodies came up with a great idea for a similar game with less severe possible consequences – unless, of course, you have a food allergy or are a sore loser. The idea of Food Roulette is not a new one. However, it is not as common as it could or should be, because it really is good fun! For those with adventurous taste buds it’s [Read more ...]

Fascinating Films That Flopped

The Shawshank Redemption

The dawn of each new year brings with it the torrential onslaught of newly released movies. From blockbusters backed by film studio giants to indie flicks that are the product of a labour of love from obscure independent newcomers, there is no shortage on the amount and kaleidoscopic array of films that are available today. From time to time, we see some well-loved films and cult classics, who for one reason or another, perform poorly at the box-office. Below we’ve gathered a list of [Read more ...]

What Type of Gaming Geek Are You?

The Alpha Gamer

With the eSports industry booming and augmented reality games making their mark, you are probably encountering more gaming geeks than ever before. With hundreds of first-rate slots and other games available, All Jackpots Casino loves players, and has fantastic winnings to offer them. The millions, if not billions, of gaming geeks can be classified into a few basic types, although a few rare breeds also exist. To help you identify those you could encounter in day-to-day life, we have put [Read more ...]

The Worst Earworms Ever

Im Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Life is filled with little irritations, and earworms are among the worst of them. Luckily, All Jackpots Casino is at hand to help soothe frayed nerves and tired ears with the very best online and mobile slots and other games. An earworm is nothing less than a catchy song that plays on repeat in our heads. Perhaps one of the most annoying things about earworms is that it is usually just part of a song, such as the chorus, that goes around and around and around and – you get the [Read more ...]

Yesterday and Today’s Tragic Tech Fails

One of the biggest understatements of all time could arguably run along the lines of saying that technology is helpful. Technology, from the earliest flint knives and stone axes to space travel technology, are fruits of evolution that, in turn, has helped us evolve – and that is putting it mildly! Technological advancement, however, does not happen without a significant amount of trial, error, and, sometimes, tragedy. Below are some of the gawp-worthy tech fails of yesterday and [Read more ...]

Series Are Becoming The New Movies

Series Are Becoming The New Movies

What an era we live in! Hollywood movies are more spectacular than ever before, featuring incredible special effects, mind-blowing production value, and a metric ton of beautiful Thespians to boot. But, it just so happens that people aren’t going to movies as much as they used to. In fact, the world at large isn’t going to movies as much as they used to. But, why? In this modern world, with lightening fast Internet and entertainment on demand, cinemas are starting to lose their [Read more ...]

Survival Pack For All Night Casino Sessions

Survival Pack For All Night Casino Sessions

Hey, we’ve all been there. You get stuck into your favourite casino game, and before you know it the birds are tweeting outside, reminding you that humans have to sleep. Or at least, other humans have to sleep. You, on the other hand, are a human that can go days without sleep, and still pop out for a ten mile jog. But, let’s say you’re not on top form, and your Godlike stamina needs a little help. In that case, of course, you might have a survival pack with you, that could [Read more ...]

World’s Most Expensive Tech Toys

C Seed 262 19 Foot TV

Everyone loves a good gadget, and with so many on offer these days, it can be difficult to decide between one and the other. But what if the price wasn’t a factor; you’d just struck it rich playing at All Jackpots Casino and you could choose from some of the most expensive tech toys the world has to offer? Well, you’d probably go crazy and start looking at the catalogues of the most expensive tech gadgets in the world. And, in case you haven’t already guessed, there are [Read more ...]

80’s Stars You May Have Forgotten

80’s Stars You May Have Forgotten

Ever think back on your favourite movies and shows of the 80s, and ask yourself; whatever happened to those stars that seemed like they had unstoppable careers? You’re not the only one to ask such questions. Unlike the retro-themed slots that have become so popular at All Jackpots Online Casino Casino, these stars simply shone bright, then faded away. Let’s take a look at 5 now, and see where they landed up after their 80s stardom. Ralph Macchio Image Source: Once [Read more ...]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Golden Globe Awards

As anyone who loves watching award shows can attest, the Golden Globe Awards is certainly one of the more unpredictable shows out there. There’s something honestly very special about the awards show, and as these facts about the Golden Globe Awards prove, that’s something which has always been historically true for the event. The Golden Globes Were Founded In 1943 The award ceremony was started by 21 foreign journalists and had only five categories at first: Best Motion Picture, [Read more ...]