The Best Murder Podcasts

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

What could be better than having someone talk ceaselessly about murder while you’re heading to work, relaxing on the couch, or playing online Blackjack? For crime fundi’s and amateur sleuths, not much! Podcasts are quickly becoming the preferred way to get deeper, more focused information on interesting topics, and murder and mysteries are just one of the many that are being covered. These top 12 murder podcasts are a must for anyone with an interest in the topic, and although they may [Read more ...]

Is Endgame the End for Captain America?

All Jackpots Casino

Is Endgame the End for Captain America? Since Iron Man was released in 2008, MCU fans have been kept guessing. Will there be a sequel? How will the plot develop? Is anyone going to die (lol)? What’s coming next? And now: how will it all end? Well, we’re here to put your mind at ease. It won’t. Sure, a couple of characters might be killed off here and there. It might well be true that ol’ Captain America will be getting the boot, if recent Chris Evans rumours are true. [Read more ...]

The Monetary Value of an Olympic Gold Medal

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games Gold

The PyeongChang Winter Olympics games has come and gone. At its conclusion on the 25th of February, just under 3000 athletes competed in 102 Olympic events across 15 disciplines. For many people around the world, the Winter Olympics was about supporting their country as well as the individual athletes. For the athletes at the Games, it is all about winning an Olympic medal. While a bronze and silver medal at the Olympics is certainly a major achievement, worthy of much praise, taking home the [Read more ...]

Charging Mobile Devices with Your Body

Phone charging steps into the future

Having your phone or tablet die on you when you are in the middle of a call or when playing your favourite online casino game is frustrating to say the least. While there have been many breakthroughs in mobile technology, even the most advanced mobile device needs to be charged every day or two with normal use. This can be an issue if you are out and about and have no access to a wall charger. While portable power banks certainly have helped, these secondary battery devices need to be charged [Read more ...]