Coronavirus General Food And Safety Tips

Beating COVID-19

If you’ve been looking around and wondering why people have been wearing masks, bad news; it isn’t a fashion trend. It turns out there is a pandemic. Relax; it won’t be sending us into a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic wasteland, but there are a few general safety concerns to take into account. First; avoid going out for a while and amuse yourself by learning a new skill or taking up a hobby. This is widely being seen as the heroic thing to do these days. So; be a hero, take one for the team, stay in your pyjamas, and stay at home!

But you’re also likely thinking; wait a second, I still need to eat during my self-isolation. Won’t I starve to death if I don’t? Shrewd observation. Yes, indeed you still have to eat food, and otherwise still have to function as a human. Thus All Jackpots Online Casino have created a list of a few food related safety tips and other essentials to keep in mind during this time of pandemic.

How Does Infection Occur?

First and foremost, the COVID-19 virus is transmitted via human to human contact. More specifically, via droplets of saliva or mucous. Hence being around someone coughing is bad, and having them cough directly on you is worse.

But this is common sense. What you’re probably more worried about is if it can be transmitted via other means, such as on surfaces, or via indirect human contact. The bad news is that the virus can survive on some surfaces for up to 72 hours. The good news is that, despite this, evidence suggests that there is no risk at all of their being contamination via food packaging, or via food itself.

This is why there has been no ban or restrictions on food imports in any countries. The research was conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, who have officially stated that you need not fear any food items.

COVID-19 stay at home safety

Shopping Safely

So, the real concern is entering grocery stores and having to be in close proximity to potentially infected humans. Don’t fret, you need not charge into a grocery store, grab food by the handfuls, and charge out again, holding your breath throughout.

If you cannot order food online for delivery, simply shop during off peak hours and avoid standing in immediate proximity to other shoppers. Most of us don’t stand within one another’s personal bubble regardless, due to it being relatively uncomfortable. So to put it another way; don’t start getting the urge to invade personal bubbles. Keep roughly a 6 foot distance.

Additionally, you may wish to pay via card in order to avoid handing over money, and you may wish to wipe down the handle of any shopping basket or trolley or wear a mask. At this stage, caution pays so do what makes you feel comfortable while staying safe.

Eating Out And Food Delivery

Eating out probably isn’t the best thing to do, but not because of the food being contaminated. The risk is, again, from those other potentially virus-carrying humans. Given the often crowded nature of restaurants, it simply isn’t the best idea.

Many countries have even deemed that restaurants, and other such places where humans gather be temporarily closed.

In terms of food delivery, once again; don’t fear the food. Ordering food is a way better option than going out to a restaurant, but you wouldn’t be rude if you asked the delivery person to leave the food by the door and avoid any interaction with them whatsoever. Don’t worry, they’ll understand.

Don’t Be A Lunatic

In times of pandemic, a little paranoia is all but guaranteed. But, going off the rails isn’t good for anyone. By all means, carry hand sanitizer, and wipe down food wrappers. But acting like a crazed lunatic, and panic buying massive amounts of toilet paper, isn’t doing anyone any good.

You could perhaps stock up your pantry a bit, but cleaning out the shelves is extremely rude, and not at all helpful to others. In fact, many would say that it is obnoxious, inconsiderate behaviour, and shame on those who behave in such a way.

Be cautious, relax, and stick to government guidelines. And as much as possible, be a stay at home hero.