New Fortress Charge™ Online Slot

Fortress CHarge slot

If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to video online slots, you’re wrong. Microgaming is gearing up to release Fortress Charge™, and you can trust us when we say we’ve never seen anything like it – which means you haven’t, either.

To say Fortress Charge is a game with 6 reels and 3 paylines doesn’t do it justice. Yes, it has that number of reels and paylines, but there is so much more to it. You can give it a spin at our online pokies later this month. If you ever played the earlier editions of the Castlevania video games, you will have a good idea of what to expect from the fantasy-themed slot.

The video game focuses on a character who must make fight his way through Dracula’s castle. Thanks to the new Reel Quest feature, you can see something similar happen in Fortress Charge, which was created exclusively for Microgaming by Crazy Tooth Studio.

A Closer Look

The new online slot’s paylines are set within the stony walls of a castle, which gives it the feel of a platform game. Although spins of the Fortress Charge reels do produce various symbols, winning isn’t as simple as landing several like symbols on a payline.

Instead, you would need to see one of the hero characters not only land on a payline, but also make his way across to collect accessories and to slay the monsters in his path. If he is successful, he could rack up potential payouts for you.

Fortress Charge

Fantasy-Themed Symbols

There are several different heroes, villains, accessories, and fortresses on the reels of Fortress Charge. The heroes include the Beast Hero, the Dragon Hero, the Elf Hero, the Dwarf Hero, and the Knight Hero.

The ghoulish horde of villains includes the Ogre, the Scorpion, the Spikes, the Boulder, and the gorgon-like Snake. The accessories the heroes can collect include a bottle of fire potion, a spear, a wooden shield, a shiny shield, a crystal-tipped magic wand, and a wooden chest. The fortress symbols include a tower with a yellow flag, a three-turreted fortress with purple flags, and a rosy castle with red flags. Other symbols include a 2x Multiplier and wood and stone empty platforms, which do not offer payouts.

How Reel Quest Works

The Reel Quest feature is triggered, which brings with it chances to win potential payouts, when a Hero lands in the leftmost position on a Fortress Charge payline. If he encounters an accessory, he will collect it, as it could help him defeat villains. If he encounters an empty platform, he advances further. If he encounters a chest, he wins a coin prize and continues to advance.

If the Hero encounters one of the fortresses, he wins a coin prize and does not advance any further. Things are a little different when the Hero encounters a villain. Depending on which villain it is and whether he has the right accessories, the Hero either will defeat them, or he will be defeated. If the Hero is successful, he will win a coin prize and advance. If not, he will not advance.

For example, the Dragon Hero can defeat the Ogre and Spikes villains, and the Knight can defeat the Scorpion and Snake villains. The Ogre can defeat the Dwarf, Elf, and Knight heroes. However, if the Dwarf, Elf, or Knight collected a Spear accessory, they can defeat the Ogre.

If the Hero collects a Multiplier, any subsequent coin prizes he collects will be doubled. He can collect up to 4 Multipliers, which will see coin prizes multiplied 16x.

Random Fireball Feature

Fortress Charge has a randomly triggered Fireball feature. As a Hero begins their advance, the Fireball may burst forth and defeat any villains on the reels. This can award coin prizes without the Hero’s involvement.

Game Round Up

Fortress Charge is a high volatility online slot with a Return to Player rate (RTP) of 96.45%. The game has a hit frequency of 12.32%, and it has minimum and maximum bet limits of 0.10 and 10.00 per spin.

The title has got to be one of the most innovative that will be added to the Microgaming portfolio and to All Jackpots Casino this year! You can play it at our casino from 11 June.