Cash Splash 3-Reel

Cash Splash 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots

You could win a huge jackpot when you play the Cash Splash 3-reel online progressive slots game. That is because this game has a progressive jackpot which keeps on getting bigger until someone wins it. People playing all around the world are building the jackpot up, so you can see why it would get so big.

Cash Splash Is a Basic 3-Reel Progressive Online Slots Game

The Cash Splash 3-reel progressive online slots game is a basic casino slots game. With just three reels and a single pay line, it is easy to focus on the action. Winning sets are based on images of lucky sevens, bars, and cherries. Even a single cherry appearing on the pay line will make you a winner.

The Cash Splash Symbol in the 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots Game

The best symbol though is the fun and colorful Cash Splash sign. This image is unmistakable since it shows a bunch of gold coins as a big splash. The Cash Splash sign serves three roles. First, it is a wild. That means that you can use it as a substitute for any other symbol in this online progressive slots game. So if you got a Cash Splash and two cherry symbols, you can use it to form a three-cherry winner.

The second role of Cash Splash is that it is a multiplier. When you win with one Cash Splash acting as a wild symbol to complete a winning combination, you win double the regular payout for that combination. When you have two wild Cash Splash symbols, you win quadruple the regular payout.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to get three of the Cash Splash symbols, you will have won the giant, progressive jackpot. Just make sure that you bet the three coin max (each coin is 1 credit) to be eligible for the progressive pot. Otherwise you will still win but it will be a lot less.

Betting in the Cash Splash 3-Reel Progressive Online Slots Game

You cannot change the value of the coin in the Cash Splash 3-reel progressive online slots game. What you can do is decide whether to bet one, two, or three coins. While the number of coins you are betting does not affect your odds of winning, it significantly affects the amount you can win. And you will be eligible to win the big progressive jackpot only if you bet the maximum three coins. So when you think about it, it would be kind of foolish to bet less than that and forfeit the chance for the big win.