Fruit Fiesta 3-Reel

Fruit Fiesta 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots

You can win a great deal of money playing the Fruit Fiesta 3-reel online progressive slots game. That’s because, unlike traditional slots games, the top jackpot is not fixed. The jackpot is determined by the number of people who have played the game since the last time someone won the jackpot. Since this is an online game and can be played anywhere in the world at any time, you can see how an online progressive slots jackpot would quickly add up. You win the big money when you have three Fruit Fiesta symbols lined up on the third pay line. Besides the big jackpot, there are also many other winning combinations that will pay you money.

Winning the Fruit Fiesta 3-Reel Progressive Online Slots Jackpot

An important detail to remember is that you cannot win the huge progressive jackpot if you do not bet the maximum number of coins. In this online progressive slots game, the coin size is fixed at 0.25 credits. You have the option to bet one, two, or three coins. To win the big money, you need to bet three. There are also three pay lines available but to use them, they must be enabled. You enable each line by betting another coin. In other words, when you bet one coin, you have only a single line from which you can win. When you bet two coins, you get two pay lines. And when you bet three coins, all three pay lines are enabled.

You can win in Fruit Fiesta 3-reel online slots when you get a winning combination on any of the pay lines. However, the progressive jackpot can be won only if three Fruit Fiesta symbols are on the third pay line. If you get three Fruit Fiesta symbols on the first or second payline, don’t despair. You’ll still win a nice jackpot, even if it’s not the big progressive jackpot.

The Fruit Fiesta 3-Reel Slot Machine Symbols

The best symbol in the Fruit Fiesta 3-reel online progressive slots game is the actual Fruit Fiesta sign. This is unmistakable. Other symbols that can be used to form winning combinations are the various types of fruits – oranges, pineapples, plums, and watermelons – as well as the lucky 7s, the bells, and the traditional bar symbols. Besides helping you win the big jackpot, a fruit fiesta symbol serves as a wild image. So if you have two plums and a fruit fiesta lined up, you win as if you had three plums.