LotsaLoot 3-Reel

LotsaLoot 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots

LotsLoot is an online progressive slots game that has both a 3-reel and a 5-reel version. Both versions have a progressive jackpot. What this means is that everyone who plays the game is feeding a worldwide jackpot. The jackpot keeps getting larger until someone wins. However, only those who bet the maximum bet are eligible to win the big jackpot. So keep in mind if you goal is to win the really big money, you must bet the maximum.

Betting in the LotsaLoot 3-Reel Progressive Online Slots Game

When you play the Lotsa Loot 3-reel progressive online slots game, the coin size is fixed at 0.50 credits. You cannot make it larger or smaller. However, you decide each round how many of these 0.50-credit coins to bet. You can bet up to five coins on every spin. So, the more coins you bet, the larger the amount of money you could potentially win. Each time you increase the number of coins bet, you also activate an additional pay line. You need to bet all five coins to win the progressive jackpot.

Winning at LotsaLoot 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots

When you play online progressive slots, you need to know how many paylines the game you are playing has. These are the lines on which winning symbols must line up for you to win. The 3-reel version of LotsaLoot has 5 lines. The special LotsaLoot symbol is a wild symbol and you can use it as a substitute for other symbols if it helps you form a winning combination. Even better, when you are able to use it to form a winning combination, you will win double the regular payout. In fact, if you form your winning combination with two of the wilds, then you get two times two times your money. That is four times the amount you would have won. The big progressive jackpot is won when you bet 5 coins and hit three LotsaLoot symbols on the fifth pay line.

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