Major Millions 3-Reel

Major Millions 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots

While you are reading this, the giant progressive jackpot of the Major Millions 3-reel online progressive slots game is increasing. That’s because everyone playing the game around the world is helping to build up the giant jackpot. When you play this progressive online slots game, you can see the constantly increasing jackpot on the right side of the screen. When someone wins the jackpot, all players are notified and it starts over. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take long for this jackpot to become huge again.

Winning Cash in the Major Millions 3-Reel Progressive Online Slots Game

To win cash while playing the Major Millions 3-reel progressive online slots game, you need to have cherries, bars, or sevens, or best of all, Major Millions logos, lined up on a pay line. The minimum bet is one coin. When you bet one, one pay line becomes active. You can choose to bet two or even three coins. Each coin you add activates another pay line. It is very important to remember that to win the big online progressive slots jackpot, you need to have bet three coins. A “Bet Max” button lets you bet three coins and spin the reels with just one click.

The Winning Symbols in the Major Millions 3-Reel Online Progressive Slots Game

The Major Millions symbol is by far the best image to come out on a pay line when you play the Major Millions 3-reel online progressive slots game. If you get three of them on the first payline, you win 25,000 credits. (A “credit” means one dollar, one pound, or one Euro.) Three of them on the second payline will win you 50,000 credits. And, if you’re really lucky, three Major Millions symbols on the third payline will award you the progressive jackpot worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, pounds, or Euros.

Not only are the Major Millions images the key to winning the big jackpot, but they can also be used as multiplier wilds. What this means is that you can substitute them for any other symbol to form a winning combination. If you do form a winning line with them, you get twice as much cash for using one and quadruple the cash for using two of them. Other winning symbols in this online progressive slots game are red or blue lucky sevens and single, double, or even triple bars.