Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile Online Progressive Slots

To win the really big money in the Treasure Nile online progressive slots game, you need to have the golden image of the Pharaoh all across the special ninth pay line. If you get that, you win the Treasure Nile treasure: a progressive jackpot that’s worth many thousands of credits and keeps getting bigger by the minute.

Progressive Online Slots Strategy

Remember, you can win the big progressive jackpot only if the Pharaohs are on the ninth payline, and only if that ninth payline is activated. The way to activate the ninth payline is to bet the maximum nine coins. You can still win money if you bet less, but you won’t be eligible for the huge jackpot. Since that is the best reason for playing this progressive online slots game, it would be a shame to get it but not win the big money. That’s why the best strategy for Treasure Nile progressive online slots is to always bet the max.

Betting in the Treasure Nile Online Progressive Slots Game

Unlike many slots games, you cannot change the value of the coins that you use in Treasure Nile Online Progressive Slots. Each coin is worth half a credit (0.50).What you can change, however, is the number of coins that you bet. You can choose to bet anywhere from one to nine coins. Every additional coin you bet activates another pay line. So while a single coin game will only have one pay line, when you bet nine there are nine different lines in which symbols can land creating a winning combination.

Winning Symbols in the Treasure Nile Progressive Online Slots Game

All the symbols in the game evoke the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Cobras, Sphinxes, Egyptian tomb dogs, parchments, and galley ships can all yield you gold if you get matching sets on a pay line. You can win with just three matching symbols on a pay line, but you win a lot more if you have all five. The golden scarab beetle is a scatter symbol. If you get multiple scarabs – appearing anywhere on the screen -you can win lots of credits. You can win with five, four, of three of these symbols. The famous pyramids are the wild symbol. They can be used in place of any other image with one exception. You cannot use the wild pyramid symbol to win the progressive jackpot in this progressive online slots game. For that, you must have five images of the golden Pharaoh all lined up on that ninth pay line.

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