Tunzamunni Online Progressive Slots

You can win tons of money playing the Tunzamunni online progressive slots game. Just bet the maximum five coins and spin the reels. If you get a white 7, red 7, and blue 7 across the payline, you win a progressive jackpot worth thousands of dollars, pounds, or Euros.

A Simple but Lucrative Progressive Online Slots Game

Tunzamunni is a basic progressive online slots game. Forget about complicated pay out patterns, this game has three reels and one pay line. If you get a set of three matching images on the pay line, you win. How much you win depends on the symbols you get. So while a set of bar images may win you a little cash, three red lucky sevens will win you a lot. And if you are really lucky, you will get a white, red, and blue lucky seven in that order. Then – if you had bet the maximum amount – you win the progressive jackpot. The jackpot keeps getting bigger all the time, but you’ll always know where it stands by keeping an eye on the Jackpot Meter at the top of your screen.

How a Progressive Online Slots Game Works

Most online slots games have a specific amount that a player will receive if she hits the big jackpot. A progressive online slots game works differently. Anytime someone plays the game (and does not win the big jackpot), she is feeding the jackpot. That means that the jackpot increases every single time someone plays the game. Since this is an online game, people are playing all over the world at all times. When the folks in Europe are sleeping, the folks in Australia are awake and playing slots online. There is always someone up somewhere who is playing Tunzamunni online progressive slots. That is how the jackpots get to be so big.

The Images on the Tunzamunni Online Progressive Slots Game

In the Tunzamunni online progressive slots game, the images are all traditional sevens and bars. The sevens can be red, white, or blue and the bars can come in single, double, or triple bar sets. While you still win with three of any bar or three of any seven, you will win a lot more if the images are identical. Then there is no special image for the big jackpot, you just need a white, red, and blue seven in that order (left to right).

Betting in the Tunzamunni Online Progressive Slots Game

You do not choose the coin value in Tunzamunni Online Progressive Slots Game. All coins are equal to .05 credits. You can bet a maximum of five coins on every round. It is very important to remember that even if you get the white, red, and blue sevens on the winning pay line, you only win the really big progressive jackpot if you had bet the maximum five coins. And remember also that five 0.05-credit coins adds up to only 0.25 credits, which is not a lot to invest when you consider the big jackpot you might win.