Wow! Pot

Wow! Pot Online Progressive Slots

If you really want to win big playing slots, then you need to play an online progressive slots game like the Wow Pot 3-reel slots game. Because the jackpot is progressive, it keeps on building whenever someone plays the game. All around the world, until someone wins the big jackpot with three Wow Pot symbols, it continues to grow. Jackpots can grow into the millions.

How to Win the Wow Pot 3-Reel Progressive Jackpot

This is a 3-reel slots game. So in order to win the big money, two things need to happen. The first is that you need to get all three Wow Pot symbols on the pay line. The Wow Pot is easy to recognize, it is a colorful pot full of cash and coins. In addition, you can only win the big progressive jackpot if you bet the maximum of three coins. Every round you can pick how many coins to bet. While it does cost more to bet three instead of one or two, you don’t want to miss the chance of hitting the jackpot. After all, that is why most people play a progressive online slots game.

Other Ways to Win the Wow Pot 3-Reel Online Slot Game

Besides the jackpot, there are lots of ways to win at this online progressive slots game. Winning symbols including different colored lucky sevens, cherry bunches, and single, double, and triple bars. If you get a Wow Pot, it acts as a wild. That means that if you get two cherry bunches and a Wow Pot, the Wow Pot becomes a cherry bunch. Even better, when you use Wow Pot to form a winning combination, it acts as a multiplier. The amount you win is doubled if you use one Wow Pot and if you are lucky enough to get two Wow Pots and a seven, cherry, or bar – your win is quadrupled.

A Great Online Progressive Slot Machine

Many people like Wow Pot 3-reel slots game because it is easy to understand and a great game for beginners. Yet it is so much fun that you also have many experienced gamers who play. Perhaps that is why it is one of the most popular progressive online slot machine games. You have a chance for a great jackpot plus lots of other fun ways to win real cash.

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