Beer Fest

Beer Fest Online Casino Game

It’s time for the beer fest, so grab your ale and get ready! Beer Fest is an Instant Win Card that actually offers three games in one. This means that you’ll never get bored as you down your beer and get ready for a great time! You select which game you want to play. In the Beers All Round game, there are two drinkers who are competing in a beer drinking contest. You select a drinker that you think will win, and if he does, indeed, win you win a multiplier value on your total bet amount.

More Beer Fest Fun

In the Munchies game there are three covered snack dishes and a waitress holding another one. You get to see all of the dishes, and if any of the ones of the table match what the waitress is holding, you win a multiplier value on your total bet amount. Finally, during the Table Dancing game, there are four tables. You get to select where Fritz should dance, and if he finishes his dance on the table, you win a multiplier value on your total bet amount.

Playing the Game

Now, winnings are dependent on successfully completing each game and on the random multiplier values that are displayed for each game. The payout for each game is independent of the others. So, just because you won in the Beers All Round game doesn’t mean that you can’t also win on the Munchies game and the Table Dancing game.

Online Casino Games Fun

This is a great game to enjoy anytime, for as long or as short as you want to do so. The great thing about this game is that it’s so easy to follow – and yet offers three different games all wrapped into one. This means that you can enjoy one game, two games or three games, and that you have the chance to win at all of them! Have more fun at Beer Fest today!