Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza Online Casino Game

If you want an instant good time with the type of online casino games that are easy to follow and fast to play, then Bingo Bonanza might just be the game for you. This is an Instant Win game where you match multiplier values to win. Winnings are calculated here by multiplying the multiplier value that you’ve won by your total amount that you’ve bet.

Rules for Play

The way Bingo Bonanza works is as follows. There are six lotto balls that are drawn and any two matching lotto balls will complete a winning combination. You win a multiplier value that is displayed on the lotto balls times your bet amount. Now, you can only win one combination per card. If it is possible for you to have more than one winning combination – you’ll only win for the highest combination that is displayed.

Beginning To Play

When you’re ready to enjoy Bingo Bonanza, you first need to Increase or Decrease the amount you want to bet. You then select the Play button and the orb will start turning, as if you are watching an actual lottery game. Six balls will be drawn and if there is a win, the matching lotto balls will appear highlighted. You’ll automatically be paid out your winnings. You can then click the Play button to enjoy the game all over again! Now, with this game it’s important to know that you can only bet one card at a time and that payouts are all in credits.

Some Screen Features

While you’re playing Bingo Bonanza, you’ll want to be familiar with some of the features. The Credits box shows your current credit balance. The Stake box shows your total bet amount and this will automatically be deducted from your credit balance. Finally, the Win box shows how many credits you were paid for your last win and this is automatically added to your credit balance.

Have a Bonanza of Fun

Bingo Bonanza offers you a bonanza of fun. This is one of the online casino games that you won’t want to miss!

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