Bowled Over

Bowled Over Online Casino Game

You don’t really have to know anything about cricket, or even to like the game, to have some fun with the online casino game Bowled Over. This instant win online casino game is actually two games in one.

Playing Cricket

Log onto Bowled Over and you find a lush, probably synthetic, green lawn with three big balls to both the left and the right of the screen. In the centre there is a cricket field with a wicket and catcher just waiting for you to throw the big ball in the centre of the field.

To play Game 1 of the Bowled Over online casino game, you need to click on each of the balls to the left and right of the screen. Each one will reveal a rather funny looking cricket player with a multiplier number underneath. If you can match three of these cricket players, you win the multiplier number times the amount of your bet.

Next go on to Game 2. Now you click on the big ball in the centre. If you are lucky, the ball will swoosh into the wicket with a cheer from the crowd. You then reveal the amount of your prize which will also be a multiplier. Your winnings, again, are the multiplier times the amount of your bet.

To play both of these games again, just click on “New Card”. If you don’t have the patience to manually reveal all the characters, you can click on “Reveal All” and everything, including Game 2, will be revealed at once.

In the Bowled Over online casino game you can bet anywhere from fifty cents to ten dollars, and the cricket players’ multipliers run from x2 to x10,000 with a lot of big numbers in between.

The graphics in this clever instant win online casino game are bright and comic and the audio sounds, cheering you along when you win and commiserating when you lose, make this game a lot of fun to play.