Samba Bingo

Samba Bingo Online Casino Game

The game of Samba Bingo is one that anyone can enjoy, anytime they want to play a great online casino game. It looks like a typical bingo board when you get to the game. It has 15 squares and balls that are numbered from 1 to 60. There are thirty balls that will then be randomly drawn for each game and your goal is to cover your board in various ways for winnings.

More Details about Samba Bingo

Now, with Samba Bingo, the online casino game, you can purchase as many as four cards per game to keep many of your balls in the air at the same time. The value of the credits that you win will be dependent on the stake that you selected. Your win amount, therefore, is the number of credits that you selected for each of the cards multiplied by the value that is displayed when you win. The payout patterns in the game are quite interesting. If you get the entire board, for instance, after the thirty cards are all used, you’ll have a multiplier value of 20,000. There are ways to get a multiplier value of everything from 1500 to 3x after this whopping amount. It depends on whether you’ve created the pattern that they have pictures of for the winning amounts.

More Online Casino Game Fun

With Samba Bingo, multiple payouts are only possible on one card if a completely new winning pattern is created. If a new winning pattern is actually created from an existing one, you’ll be paid out just for the new one that is more valuable. This game offers versatility and great fun. It always feels like a different game, since very card that you get with Samba Bingo offers you new opportunities and new ways to make patterns. Have fun with a creative bingo game today.

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