Heidi Klum’s Greatest Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum Halloween costumes.

The undeniable champion of the Hollywood Halloween costume is 44-year-old model Heidi Klum. For over a decade now, Klum has gone to amazing and sometimes even extreme lengths to get the perfect getup to A-list Hollywood Halloween parties. Below are some of our favourite examples of Klum’s obsession with dressing up for Halloween.

Heidi Clones

Heidi Klum is one of a kind, there is no question. But what if there were six of her? In 2016, we got to see exactly what that would be like… well not really. The 5 not-so-Heidi’s looked like they had gone through a horrific amount of plastic surgery. Still though, that’s definitely one to store and keep for later… for science.

Old Lady Heidi

2013 was the year that the 1.8-meter-tall blonde bombshell turned herself into a 90-year-old woman. What was great about this one was the accuracy. If you saw Old lady Klum get on the Tube, you’d give up your seat for her no questions asked.

Jessica Rabbit

Like many guys my age, Jessica Rabbit was one of my first celebrity crushes. As a cartoon, her insane proportions seemed normal. However, in 2015 Heidi showed us just how horrific a real Jessica Rabbit would look. If you saw this coming at you in a dark alley, you’d undoubtedly run away screaming. Perfect for Halloween then.

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Attack on Titan?

I know what you’re thinking, is she a titan from Attack on Titan? No. She is infact, a skinless cadaver which is… worse? Whatever she’s supposed to be, Heidi’s 2011 cadaver costume was terrifying.