Real Roulette with Bailey A Game Changer

The real Bailey awaits you at the table

Here at All Jackpots Online Casino, we love bringing our players the latest and greatest in iGaming innovations. We are proud to present an all new Roulette release that will have your heart racing – thanks in large part to the beautiful Bailey! Real Roulette with Bailey from Real Dealer Studios went live at our casino online on 20 January 2020.

If you love realistic and immersive online casino games, you’re in for a treat. Real Roulette with Bailey is one of the first titles in a cutting-edge collection of games that fuses Hollywood-level cinematography with the latest in RNG technology. What has resulted is a sleek and exclusive gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Cinematography Meets Casino Fun

Those who are used to playing Roulette at VIP salon prives and luxury casinos will adore what the new title brings to the table. Real Dealer has conjured some cinematic magic to bring Bailey to the player’s screen in full HD as they play to stand a chance to win real money prizes. Bailey, the lovely dealer can interact one-on-one using quality streaming and interactive iGaming algorithms.

This may seem like a classic live dealer casino concept, but it’s actually much more than that. Real Roulette with Bailey makes use of trained actors, film directors and postproduction experts to deliver a seamless and perfectly proportioned experience from the player’s first round. Every moment of the action will be streamed as it happens, meaning that the player will never have to miss out on any of the fun. The game’s powerful engine does it all.

Aside from the amazing visual quality of the title, the player can also expect professional dealing, quick loading times, and the option to pause and resume play if they encounter any interruptions. They can even enjoy this experience on your smartphone or tablet! Real Roulette with Bailey boasts both landscape and portrait views, while its desktop mode allows PC players to become completely immersed in its stunning audio-visual atmosphere.

Innovative New Bet Options

Real Roulette with Bailey is based on traditional European Roulette rules, but that doesn’t mean that the game will be boring or predictable. In fact, Real Dealer and Microgaming have added a number of brand new features to the mix. These include the Racetrack Bets feature with an alternative bet layout and unique wagering options, and Favourite Bets, in which the player can add and use up to 6 custom bet configurations instantly.

Additionally, there is also the Special Bets feature for those who are looking for something different. There are 10 unique bets to choose from here, including iconic options like Voisons du Zero, 007, Random 7 and Red/Black Splits. Don’t forget that the player can also access comprehensive Statistics about their gameplay which are gathered over your last 100 rounds.

Need any more convincing about Real Roulette with Bailey’s quality? Here it is. The new game boasts a great RTP of 97.30%, as well as a hit rate of 48.65% on average. Its low volatility gameplay. Top that off with a possible top jackpot worth 64,500.00!

The Future of Live Dealer Roulette

Players who are looking for something fresh and exciting, Real Roulette with Bailey might be your next favourite game. The lovely hostess will ensure that the player is well taken care of, and the game’s wide range of bet limits and hefty top prizes. Players can play Real Roulette with Bailey from 0.25 to 125.00 per round as well.

Real Roulette with Bailey is live at All Jackpots online and mobile casinos for real money play.