Wildest Moments From The Last Dance

The Last Dance

If you haven’t already seen the new Netflix documentary series The Last Dance, what are you waiting for? It has been referred to as one of the most gripping experiences you can have while stuck at home, so it’s sure to be as good as playing the online pokies we have to offer at All Jackpots Casino! But what exactly is it? The Last Dance focuses on the 1997 – 1998 season of the Chicago Bulls. Or more specifically, the last season that legendary player Michael Jordan spent with the team. [Read more ...]

Get Ready for the New Electric Avenue Slot

New Electric Avenue online casino slot

It is safe to say All41 Studios knows what works! Their upcoming slot, Electric Avenue, will be available at All Jackpots Casino on the 12th of May in all its neon-powered glory. Popping pastels, groovy graphics, and scintillating sounds from this iconic era are the order of the day. That’s not to mention entertaining features and an interesting twist on the Free Spins feature. The new online pokies game’s setting is reminiscent of Miami’s South Beach, with a pink and purple hued sky [Read more ...]

How To Play American Roulette

An American Roulette wheel

American Roulette is just one of three popular versions of Roulette seen in modern casinos around the globe. The others are European Roulette and French Roulette. Each is unique in its own way but some players prefer different versions for different reasons. Veteran gamblers usually know which is their preferred version of either a land-based or online Roulette. Let’s explore what makes American Roulette different from all the others. The infamous double zero What sets American [Read more ...]

Earth Day Turns 50

Helping Mother Nature

50 years ago, on the 22nd of April the first Earth Day took place. At the time a massive oil spill had just occurred off the coast of California, and the environmental fallout had been catastrophic. In 2020, Earth Day once again took place on the 22nd of April, and happened to coincide with a massive global health crisis. With everyone sheltering in place, doing yoga online, playing pokies or learning a new language, is this the first time in 50 years anyone has taken Earth Day seriously? Of [Read more ...]

How-To Play European Roulette

A Roulette wheel and table.

There are three major versions of Roulette that are played around the world today. These are European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. Each has its own characteristics and rule sets that makes it unique. Whether players want to play land-based casino Roulette, or online Roulette, it’s important to know the rules. In this article we are going to explore European Roulette, what makes it unique and how to play it. What are the odds? Of all the versions of Roulette widely played [Read more ...]

Will The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deliver?

Final Fantasy 7

If you were a teenager in 1997, the chances are pretty good you played the original Final Fantasy 7, created by Square Enix. Virtually everyone who owned a PlayStation 1 did. The present day result is, as would be expected, an army of now middle-aged gamers who have a strong nostalgia for a 1997 classic. But lest we forget, the game, although fondly remembered, did came out in a time when online pokies were barely a reality. Which is to say there is much that could be done with an updated [Read more ...]

Microgaming to Release The Vault Slot

The Vault slot

Snowborn Games is proud to present their thrilling new online slots experience, The Vault. In this hot new game, players are tasked with helping their favourite cat burglar, Jewel, carry out a robbery in the catacombs of a high-end bank in a sophisticated, Paris Noir-type setting.  The cellar is protected by alarms and cutting-edge technology in the form of laser beams and you’re invited to invade it when this pokies game goes live on the 28th of April this year. The Vault requires nerves [Read more ...]

Tiger King: When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Joe Exotic with a pet tiger

A new docuseries on Netflix, fully titled Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness but titled onscreen and often simply known as Tiger King, is currently taking the world by storm. Compulsively watchable and at times shocking, crazy and almost downright unbelievable, this docuseries is already a smash hit. And just like your favourite slot machine online, the characters are absolutely enthralling to watch. Meet Joe Exotic The subject of the show is the unbelievable world of big cat keepers in [Read more ...]

Exciting New Arena Of Gold Set To Debut

Arena of Gold

A new slot coming out later this month is set to take players on a trip back in time with merely a spin of its 5 reels. Arena of Gold offers you the chance to experience the unbelievable atmosphere of Rome’s Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum, in all its glory. The new game is the creation of All41 Studios, the Microgaming creative partner which is also responsible for other top pokies such as Magic of Sahara and Lock-A-Luck. We know the studio can get graphics and special [Read more ...]

Creating An Awesome Gaming Room

Decorating your gaming room

As we all know, basically the entire world has had to adopt an introverted, anti-social lifestyle. But feeling sorry for ourselves is, of course, the least interesting approach. The proactive have realised that gaming is the best solution, and buckled down to some dedicated, hard-core game time. Which is to say; online games have never been so popular. Pokies are a firm favourite for many, though shooters, MMOs, and just about every other type of online game has also enjoyed a massive boost in [Read more ...]