Sic Bo Strategies

Online Sic Bo is a game of chance in which you bet on the outcome of the roll of three dice. There is no Sic Bo strategy that can help you make the dice come out the way you want them to, but there are Sic Bo strategies that can help you choose your bets wisely and have more fun at the virtual Sic Bo table.

A Play-It-Safe Sic Bo Strategy

If you bet on Low or High in online Sic Bo you will probably win close to half your bets. The payout on the Low and High bets is 1 to 1. So if you stick to these bets, you will be able to enjoy many hours of playing Sic Bo online in which you win some and lose some and end the day a little bit ahead or a little bit behind from where you started.

Of course, “probably” is not the same as “definitely”. Online casino gambling is always unpredictable. You could have an extremely lucky day and do better than expected. You could also have an extremely unlucky day and do worse. You have to be prepared for any eventuality when you play casino games online.

A Big-Payout Sic Bo Strategy

A winning bet on a specific triple pays out 180 to 1 in online Sic Bo. So if, for example, you bet $10 on triple 5, you could win a big Sic Bo jackpot of $1800. Winning at Sic Bo doesn’t get any better than that but, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often that all three dice end up on 5. Betting on a specific triple is a Sic Bo strategy for gamblers who like to take big risks in return for a chance at big payouts in the online casino.

The Middle-of-the-Road Sic Bo Strategies

There are many possible bets on the online Sic Bo table besides Low and High and the specific triples. You can bet on a specific double, on a specific three-dice total, on a specific number turning up on at least one die, and other possibilities as well. All of these bets fall at different points within the wide spectrum between the safest bets and the highest paying bets. The payout for each bet type is printed clearly on the Sic Bo table, so you will always know what to expect. The middle-of-the-road Sic Bo strategies involve playing these middle-of-the-road Sic Bo bets.

The Multiple-Bet Sic Bo Strategy

One of the great things about the Sic Bo rules at All Jackpots Casino is that they allow you to place multiple bets on each roll of the dice. A good Sic Bo strategy is to place a safe bet on Low or High, a high-risk-high-payout bet on a specific triple, and one or a few middle-of-the-road bets on some of the other Sic Bo betting options. This is not only a good way to hedge your bets, but you will also find that placing multiple bets adds more fun and more excitement to your online Sic Bo game.

A Terrific Online Casino Game

Sic Bo has always been a popular game in Asia but it is only in recent years that it has started to catch on in the west. With a good Sic Bo strategy, you too can discover the joy and the excitement of this terrific online casino game you can play for fun or real money at All Jackpots.

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