Joining a Multi-Player Slots Tournament

To join a Multi-Player Slots Tournament at All Jackpots Casino, you must first download the casino software and register as a real player at All Jackpots. If you are already a member of All Jackpots, then you are all set to follow a few simple steps and join a tournament.

Finding a Multi-Player Slots Tournament

To find a multi-player slots tournament, go to the Games Lobby in All Jackpots Online Casino. In the “Choose Your Category” pane, click Tournaments. A list of available upcoming tournaments will appear. You can browse through the list and see the relevant information for each tournament, such as the starting time of the tournament, the entry fee, the prizes to be awarded, the tournament rules, and the status of the tournament.

Scheduled Tournaments

There are two types of tournaments: Scheduled and Sit & Go. A Scheduled tournament, as you probably guessed, is scheduled to start at a particular date and time. The status of the tournament is either Scheduled, meaning the registration period has not yet opened; or Open, meaning you can now register for the tournament. The time remaining until the opening of registration, and the time until the actual start of the tournament, appear in the information box on your screen.

Sit & Go Tournaments

A Sit & Go tournament starts as soon as enough players have registered. The status of the tournament tells you how many players have joined and how many are needed to play the tournament. For example, a status of 3/5 means that three players have joined and that five players are needed for the tournament. If you join this tournament, you will see the status change instantly to 4/5.

Joining the Tournament

When you have found the online slots tournament that appeals to you, you can join the tournament by double-clicking the tournament name or clicking the Join button. The entry fee for the tournament will be automatically deducted from your casino balance.

Notification of the Start of the Tournament

For a Scheduled tournament, you will receive a pop-up notification one minute before the start of the tournament. Click the OK button, and the screen will count down the seconds to the start of the tournament. For a Sit & Go tournament, you will receive a pop-up notification when enough players have joined and the tournament is ready to start.

More Information on Multi-Player Slots Tournaments