Titanic 2 Setting Sail In 2022

The original Titanic

Upon hearing that the Titanic 2 will be making an appearance in 2022, your first thought will likely be that Hollywood has somehow managed to convince Leonardo DiCaprio that the classic film needed a sequel. A very forgivable mistake to make, given that every classic film currently seems to be undergoing a remake!

But no, the Titanic 2 is, in fact, a ship. It will be making its maiden voyage in the year 2022, and as can be imagined, many are already starting to place bets as to whether it will reach an untimely demise via iceberg. A fact that the makers of the ship seem to be aware of, given that the Titanic 2’s first journey will retrace the route that claimed the first ship in 1912.

The Original Titanic

For anyone who was asleep in history class, or if you are one of the 5 on earth who haven’t seen the film, the Titanic was a ship that set sail in 1912. It was hailed as being not only the biggest, and most luxurious passenger liner of the time, but was also dubbed as being “unsinkable.” This was, of course, tempting fate to an unbelievable degree.

After setting sail on its trip from Southampton to New York City, word is that the Captain was encouraged to push the ship to maximum speed as a publicity stunt, impressing the general public by how fast it managed to make the journey. The speed, of course, allowed for very little room for course corrections, and likewise granted far less time to spot hazards in the ocean. The result was, as is well known, a catastrophic collision with an iceberg, sinking the ship.

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The New Titanic

Blue Star Line first announced the intention of making a replica Titanic back in 2013, but the project was slow getting off the ground. Though it has now officially been confirmed that the ship will be completed and sailing by 2022. The new version will not be an exact copy of the original, but a good deal of inspiration has been lifted directly from the now many decades old blueprints.

A much-touted feature is the iconic Titanic staircase, which was burned into the public eye via many memorable scenes from the film. The staircase will be identical in the new ship, down to the finest detail. How many will be dying to recreate a few famous movies scenes, the first chance they get?

Deviations from the original that were confirmed included, mostly, modern additions that would be made to ensure that passengers were in the lap of luxury. Or more specifically, luxury from this century, and not what was considered luxurious back in 1912. The Titanic 2 will carry around 2,400 passengers, as well as the needed 900-crew members required to keep the ship running and guests happy.

But Will It Sink?

Blue Star Line seems to have gone out of its way to spark speculation that the Titanic 2 might sink in some twisted, ironic twist of fate. As already said, the ship’s first voyage will be the exact route taken by the original. The Internet arguing about the possibility is, naturally, great free publicity.

But times have changed a great deal since the early 1900s, and it goes without saying that this cutting edge ship has highly advanced warning and navigation systems. It is extremely unlikely that an iceberg could be accidentally hit given today’s state of the art radar, sonar and satellite based warning technology. Which is to say; only the sneakiest, stealthiest iceberg on earth could hope to get anywhere near the ship, or at least one capable of turning invisible.

Book In Advance

The project has seen multiple setbacks over the course of the years, mostly due to Blue Star Line having to relocate in the face of Brexit. But with the project now going full steam ahead, public interest is already through the roof. Which means that if you hope to recreate the famous standing on the railings with a loved one scene, you better book well in advance!