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All About 3 Card Poker

Poker is definitely the most intriguing, challenging and rewarding of all card games, but it takes years to really master the game. In fact, die-hard devotees will tell you that you are never really done learning and polishing your strategy.

We’re all for this long-term, highly enjoyable learning process, and one of the ways to get into the more complex 5-card games is with a little 3 Card Poker. You can enjoy it at All Jackpots for its own rewards, or use it to start getting familiar with conventional 5 Card Poker games.

Since you play with 3 cards rather than 5, go up against the dealer only and not other players, and can learn the rules very quickly, 3 Card Poker is considered easier to play. Enjoy it in the usual online format, and in live dealer games, at our casino.

How Does 3 Card Poker Work?

This game actually consists of 2 games in 1; the game consisting of the Ante and Play rounds, and the Pair Plus game. The table has 3 betting circles; the innermost is for the Ante round, the middle circle is for the Play round and the outermost circle is for the Pair Plus game.

To start, place a bet on the Ante or the Pair Plus circle; either your hand will rank higher than the dealer’s hand or your hand will hold at least a pair of cards, respectively. After your stake, you and the dealer will both be dealt 3 cards.


The Ante and Play Rounds

If you placed an Ante bet, its time to decide whether to fold or play based on your hand. If you choose to fold you forfeit your stake and end the round. Deciding to play means progressing to the Play circle on the table. Here you will need to place a second bet that is at least as much as the original Ante.

Once the second round of betting is over, the dealer’s cards are revealed. They must show a Queen or higher for the game to continue. No Queen pays your Player bet back, and gives you a 1:1 return on your Ante bet.

If the dealer hand does hold a Queen, your hands will be compared. The rankings are a little different to what is seen in conventional Poker; you’ll find a clear and detailed explanation within the game itself.

If your hand ranking is better than the dealer’s, you get an even money payout for both your Ante and Play bets. If the dealer’s ranking is better, you forfeit both wagers and if the hands tie you win the round.

Pair Plus

The Pair Plus game runs alongside the Ante and Play rounds, and is not affected by them in any way. The dealer hand is also not required to qualify, so it is simpler overall. The odds of winning this game are 4:1 each time you play.

With its simplicity and strong chances of delivering a win, it is not difficult to see why 3 Card Poker has been such a success. Enjoy it in its finest online and mobile format at All Jackpots Online Casino, from wherever you are in Canada!