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Sizzling Sic Bo at All Jackpots Casino Canada

Sic Bo is an ancient casino game that has enjoyed the transition to the online gambling world without losing any of its old-world charm. You will be placing bets on the outcomes of 3 rolled dice, in online games governed by certified Random Number Generators, or RNGs, and can enjoy the element of fun that governs this kind of real money entertainment.

A Big Variety of Bets

There is a big variety of wagers for you to choose from when it comes to Sic Bo games at All Jackpots Casino Canada, and you are welcome to try them out in free mode for as long as you like. As soon as you think you’ve found the ones that will work best for the way you like to play, simply switch over to real money play, and watch your bankroll boost as you bet with the best of them!

Bets Both Big and Small

Bettors who think you should go big or go home can opt for the Big Sic Bo bet, which speculates that the combined total for the 3 rolled dice will be a number between 11 and 17. You can also take it slowly if you prefer, and keep your bet Small. If the 3 rolled dice total between 4 and 10 you will win! Either of these 2 wagers will pay you out at 1:1 odds.


Get Specific with Sic Bo

There are also wagers that have you guessing what the exact total of the rolled dice will come to, known as Specific Totals wagers. You can choose anything from 4 through to 17, although the best payouts are on Specific Totals bets on 4 or 17. Our game pays out 62:1 on these bets. You can also wager on a certain number from 1 through to 6, and if the number you chose gets rolled on one of the die, your bet will pay out at 1:1. It shows up on two dice, the odds go up to 2:1, and three will see you putting away an amazing 12:1 of your stake.

A Specific Combination of outcomes for the dice is a popular bet at All Jackpots Online Casino Canada as well. This will have you predicting that a 2 and a 3 will be rolled, for example. If you are proven correct, your payout will be 6:1. Specific Pairs can be wagered on as well, like two 5s. These bets will boost your bankroll by 11:1.

Enjoy First-Rate Games at All Jackpots

There’s an easy formula to explain the ongoing popularity of this online casino game: Simple Rules + Multiple Bets = Big Payouts. Created hundreds of years ago in Ancient China, the fact that we’re still enjoying Sic Bo is a testament to the quality of entertainment it delivers. Find out for yourself why it provides as much excitement and brings so many Canadian players together when you bet on the roll of the dice at All Jackpots and win.