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Play Canadian Online Baccarat

The charismatic Secret Agent 007, James Bond, introduced the quintessential casino card game Baccarat to pop culture. It quickly became an international gambling favourite. Online Baccarat is available now to play at All Jackpots Casino.

How to Play Baccarat Online

To play online baccara, you bet on the hand — the Player's or the Banker's — that you predict will come closer to the magic number of 9. The key point to remember is that, after you add up the points in a hand, you pay attention to the last digit only. So a hand with a 6, a 7, and an 8, which add up to 21, counts as 1. If the cards add up to 19, it counts as 9. And that's why the highest possible value of a baccarat hand is 9.

It's also possible, instead of betting on the Player or the Banker, to bet on a Tie. That's where the biggest baccarat jackpots can be won, as a winning bet on a Tie rewards you with a very nifty 8-to-1 payout on your bet.

Online Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is not a game of strategy in the sense that online blackjack is. You do not have discretion in a baccarat game to hit or stand or double down or split. Yet still, baccarat strategy comes into play in deciding which kind of bet you want to make.

Each of the baccarat bets has certain advantages and disadvantages. A good baccarat strategy will take all the advantages and disadvantages into account, in conjunction with your overall goals in playing baccarat and your appetite for risk and reward, and come to an informed decision about which type of baccarat bet is best for you.

Play Baccarat Online at All Jackpots

All Jackpots Online Casino has state-of-the-art online baccarat games with sparkling graphics and quick game play. You may play the game for free for as long as you like, as you work on getting accustomed to the baccarat rules and try out different baccarat strategies. Then, when you feel ready for the challenge, you can play online baccarat for real money and taste the real excitement of the glamorous game of baccarat.

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