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ECOCard Online Casino Banking

E-commerce is growing in popularity, but the fear of becoming victim to credit card number theft continues to prevent many potential customers from conducting online transactions. ECOCard offers a safe solution for online purchases and online casino gambling.
ECOCard is a prepaid virtual debit card that was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Internet marketplace. Clients transfer funds to their ECOCard accounts from their local bank accounts. Since the ECOCard account is directly tied to actual available funds in the account, all transactions are immediately processed and approved.

Transactions processed through ECOCard are not only secure because of encryption, but also because the transaction is redirected to ECOCard's web site to be approved using the client's user name and password.

Using ECOCard in Online Gaming

ECOCard is truly unique because of the ability to transfer funds between different account holders. This aspect has made ECOCard convenient for online gaming and has become widely accepted by gaming merchants. There are more and more ECOCard casinos, and All Jackpots is proud to be a top ECOCard casino.

Make All Jackpots Your ECOCard Casino

Applying for ECOCard is simple. Since account holders use available funds rather than credit, anyone can apply for an ECOCard account and be accepted. For all the details, check out the All Jackpots online banking page and the official ECOCard website Then make All Jackpots your ECOCard casino.

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