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InstaDebit Online Casino Banking

InstaDebit provides our Canadian players with a convenient method of sending a virtual "check" from their Canadian bank account to their online casino account. InstaDebit is easy to use, totally secure, and instant.

Make All Jackpots Your InstaDebit Casino

The beauty of using InstaDebit is that there is no need to "fund" your InstaDebit account. InstaDebit simply acts as a bridge between your existing Canadian bank account and your online casino account.

To use InstaDebit, first go into the Bank section of the All Jackpots Casino software and click the Sign Up button next to the InstaDebit logo. You will be prompted to enter your identifying information and to register one or more bank accounts. After that, you're free to transfer money instantaneously from your bank account to your casino account via InstaDebit.

You can also use InstaDebit to make withdrawals from your casino account. Your withdrawn funds will go into your InstaDebit Balance account. You can use your InstaDebit Balance account to make purchases from thousands of online merchants, or you can transfer the money back to your regular bank account.

There is no registration fee with InstaDebit, no deposit fee, no withdrawal fee, and no transfer fee. In fact, there are no fees of any kind. All of InstaDebit's services are totally free to you, the customer.

For more information, please visit the All Jackpots online banking page and the official InstaDebit website. Then make All Jackpots your InstaDebit casino.

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