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Play Bingo at All Jackpots Casino New Zealand

Bingo is a beloved game that players from New Zealand can enjoy for prizes, for real money rewards, or just for fun. While it has until relatively recently been enjoyed solely in halls earmarked for the game, retirement villages, and pubs, the upsurge in its popularity online has brought new life in to the age-old play it provides.

It has managed to attract an entirely new generation of players, thanks in part to just how easy it is to learn, and you can find out for yourself why it’s remained a first choice when you sign up for your new account at All Jackpots Casino New Zealand now!

A Simple Game to Start Playing

Bingo is easy to play, and you will find yourself confidently placing your bets with the rest of the players here at All Jackpots Casino in no time.

Your first task will be to purchase a card, or several if you want to, and then await the calls of the numbers arbitrarily selected by the Random Number Generator software that governs our online casino games.

Your Winning Numbers

A Bingo card is made up of 5 rows and 5 columns that make up a total of 25 numbers. The columns are all labelled according to the letters of the word “Bingo”, with the first of the 5 being formed under the B, the second under the letter I, the third beneath the N, and so on.

And now for the reveal: let’s say that the RNG reveals the number I 43. If you’ve got that number in your I column in any one of the cards you bought before the game began, then that number will be marked off, either by your hand or the automatic daubing action presented by the game. You will win if you can get 5 consecutive numbers marked off on your card, either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, on any 1 of your cards. When this is done, you would traditionally have called out Bingo! and won. Now the machine just lets you know that you’ve managed to beat the house, and your All Jackpots Casino account will be credited with the prize you earned.

About the Terminology for the Game

Before you get started on your Bingo explorations here at All Jackpots Casino New Zealand, check out some of the terminology for the game. Some of the words that may pop up while you’re playing the game include:

  • Coverall

This is a kind of game pattern which requires that every number on your card must be called in order for you to win.

  • Game Board

This is the electronic display board that shows the pattern of the current game.

  • Game Room

A particular reference to online play, this phrase refers to the way in which players are organised into separate games.

  • Multiple Winners

When 2 or more players involved in a game call out the same number, and manage to line up the patterns required to win, then the prize will be divided up between these players.

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