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The Wonderful World of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular dice game with a big reputation for fun. Its name is derived from the term for ‘dice pair’ in Chinese – even although traditional games actually use three dice, and not two! Here at All Jackpots New Zealand, we offer a great range of online Sic Bo games just for you, allowing you to enjoy this unusual casino title from any place and any device you like best.

Your objective in a game of Sic Bo is to wager on which numbers will appear when the dice stop rolling. Guess correctly and you could win big, especially with our RNG regulated games. As mentioned above, there are usually three dice in play in a Sic Bo game, which are ‘shaken’ by our advanced gaming software and rolled to reveal your fortune.

Deciphering an Online Sic Bo Table

A Sic Bo table may seem complex at first, but even beginners will learn the ropes with ease using our free online casino games. Similar to that of a Roulette table, a Sic Bo table has many areas that each represent a different type of bet. When playing for real money, you will select the size of your wager using chips, which you may place on the area of the table that corresponds with your selected bet. Remember, you can also make multiple bets on a single roll!

Sic Bo bets are wonderfully simple, too. The easiest to learn are Small and Big bets; a Small bet will payout if the total of all three dice is somewhere from 4 to 10, and your Big bet will win big if the number is between 11 and 17. However, it is important to bear in mind that both of these bets will lose if you roll a triple score.

Take a Chance, Roll the Dice

There are also many other wagers you can place in online Sic Bo games. Feel free to bet on a specific double or triple roll, or even any triple you like. You may bet on the total of your three dice, of two dice, and also on a single die. Every single one of these bets has its own space on the table, which will also inform you of the odds of a payout should you win.

Many of our players love Sic Bo because it is purely a game of chance. There are no strategies that can significantly boost your odds or help you to predict the outcomes – but there are a few different betting systems you can try if you would like to experiment. The best ‘strategy’ for most players is to mix up your bets and keep an eye on your bankroll… and the rest is up to Lady Luck.

Play at All Jackpots NZ 

Sic Bo is one of New Zealand’s lesser-known casino games, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth your attention! Our online Sic Bo games at All Jackpots Casino are packed with winning potential, and are safe and fully regulated to bring you fair and fulfilling jackpots. When you play real money Sic Bo with us, you can expect only the best thanks to our reliable gaming software and sterling reputation among Kiwis. Join us and try this exotic casino game for yourself!