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All Jackpots Mobile Roulette Fun

Roulette players know that nothing beats the thrill of watching the Roulette wheel spin and knowing that they could be the casino’s next big winner. Now, you can enjoy the exhilaration of authentic Roulette and the chance to win real money, all by playing mobile Roulette games at All Jackpots Casino New Zealand!

Our selection of Roulette games for mobile brings all the excitement of this classic game to your smartphone and tablet. We have handpicked all of our titles for their quality and impeccable entertainment, so that you can experience prime casino fun in the palm of your hand.

A Quick Roulette History

Roulette is a game with a fascinating backstory. The name itself means ‘Little Wheel’ in French, and this is also where mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the game in the 17th century. Pascal attempted to create a perpetual motion machine, but instead created the centrepiece for a game that is still incredibly popular amongst punters to today.

Over many centuries, the new game gave rise to several unique variations in Europe and America, hence the European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette you can enjoy today. It wasn’t much later until the early 2000’s that it first worked its way into the mobile world, however, creating convenient mobile Roulette games that you can enjoy 24/7 from almost any device you prefer.

Basics of Mobile Play

Like the rules and basics of Roulette, playing it is also very simple. Roulette wheels tend to have 37 numbered slots, or 38 in American Roulette, that are numbered from 1-36. They also have a 0 slot, or 0 and 00 slots in the American version, that provide the house’s edge. In a mobile game, a Roulette ball will spin around a virtual wheel, and if it lands on the number or combination that you wagered on, you will win big!

Bet On the Go

There are so many different kinds of bets to choose from in our All Jackpots mobile Roulette, including both Inside and Outside bet types. Bets on single numbers, called Straight-Up bets, offer the slimmest chances of winning, but their payouts are proportionately larger to less high-risk bets like Even Money bets. In some mobile games, you can even place multiple bets on a single spin – and many experts think that this is the key to successful strategy and winning huge over time.

Our Exclusive Mobile Roulette Games

All Jackpots Casino has searched high and low to find the very best titles for you to enjoy via mobile. We have French and European Roulette, with their beneficial rules like La Partage and En Prison, and there is also American Roulette for those who wish to try something different.

Next up is our exclusive Gold Series titles, like French and European Roulette Gold, not to mention Roulette Royale with its exciting bonus bets. Every option at our casino offers astounding graphics, animations and winning potential, bringing everything you need for fun and big wins without having to travel to a brick and mortar joint.

If you are feeling adventurous, there is also sophisticated Premier Roulette, and Multi-Wheel Roulette that allows you to spin and win on up to eight wheels in a single game. Multi-Player Roulette is also a great choice for those who like to play live with other mobile players, and the best part is that all of this could be ready and waiting in your pocket for you to experience at a moment’s notice!

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