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Online Sic Bo at All Jackpots

Sic Bo is a simple dice game of chance that is easy to learn and fun to play. The idea of the game is for the player to attempt to predict the combination of the three dice and place bets accordingly. Guess the right numbers and win!

Sic Bo: The Basics

Sic Bo is a popular online casino game which combines a board full of vibrant colors for betting and three dice which are thrown from a cup or basket. Online Sic Bo games "throw" the dice to produce random results. Bets are placed on the outcome of the throw of the three dice. Sic Bo is a game of pure chance and fun.

The Name: Sic Bo and its Origins

The roots of Sic Bo history lie in ancient China. The name Sic Bo in Chinese means "dice bowl" or "dice pair" and this fun game appears to have earned its name, as it was originally played with two dice that were shaken in a bowl. Sic Bo is also known as "tai sai" or "dai siu", which in Chinese mean "dice bowl" and "lucky dice". This game made its way to the west as a popular pursuit among Chinese immigrants and can be found at All Jackpots Online Casino, where you can play Sic Bo online for real money.

Online Sic Bo Bets and Odds

There are a variety of bets you can place on the outcome of the roll of the dice in an online Sic Bo game. You can wager "Big", speculating that the total will be between 11 and 17. You also wager "Small", betting that the total will be between 4 and 10. Either of these bets pay 1:1.

You can also bet on a specific total outcome, any number between 4 and 17. The best pay-off for a bet on a total roll is on bets on 17 or 4. The online Sic Bo game at All Jackpots pays off 62 to 1 on such bets. The lowest pay-off is for bets on 10 or 11 in which you will get paid 6 to 1 on All Jackpots Sic Bo.

A bet can also be placed on a number between 1 and 6. If the number selected is rolled on one die, your bet is paid 1:1. If it is shown on two dice your wager is paid 2:1, and for three strikes of luck with your number you are paid an almost unbelievable 12:1!

You can place a wager on a specific combination of outcomes on the dice. For example, you can bet that a 3 and a 2 will be rolled. If you speculate correctly, you will win a payout of 6:1. You can also bet that a specific pair of numbers will be rolled, for example: two 2s. These bets pay out 11:1.

You can also bet on three of a kind. Obviously, your chances of winning at this decrease significantly in contrast with two of a kind. A winning bet on a specific triple pays out 180 to 1. This is a great bet if you are feeling lucky. For better chances at a triple, you can bet on "Any Triple", and win if any three of a kind are rolled. You win a payout of 31 to 1 on a winning Any Triple bet.

Some experts recommend focusing on the High and Low bets as the best Sic Bo strategy, as those bets have the lowest house advantage. But still, online casino gambling is a very individual activity, and many players prefer to take their chances on the higher risk bets for the higher payouts. Freedom to choose from all the many different types of Sic Bo bets is part of what makes online Sic Bo so exciting.

Why All Jackpots Sic Bo Rocks

Sic Bo is not a common game in land-based casinos. It can be hard to find and the pay outs are almost always lower than online Sic Bo. All Jackpots Casino revolutionized Sic Bo by making it a fantastic Internet casino game with a vivid board and interactive playing interface that keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see the results of the throw of the dice.

Most importantly, All jackpots online casino pays out the biggest bucks when you win at Sic Bo. Whereas some online casinos only pay out 50:1 on bets on 4 or 17, All Jackpots will pay 62:1. On bets on single numbers, All Jackpots pays 12:1 if all three dice show your number. Other casinos only pay 3:1. Highest payouts are another very good reason to play Sic Bo online at All Jackpots.

Play Sic Bo Online at All Jackpots

Sic Bo is a great game invented by brilliant recreationists in ancient China, and it is one of the most gripping and exciting online games available. Play All Jackpots Sic Bo online for fun or gamble Sic Bo for real money and enjoy!