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Multi-Player Online Slots Tournaments

Join the community of tournament players! Online slots has always been thought of as a solitary pastime. It's just you, sitting in front of your computer screen, and the online slot machine. Now, that has all changed. Join a multi-player slots tournament at All Jackpots Online Casino. In a multi-player slots tournament, you can test your slots strategy and luck against other slot enthusiasts as you compete for cash prizes.

Benefits of an Online Multi-Player Slots Tournament

Why is playing in a multi-player slots tournament so exciting? Let us count the ways.

Playing in multi-player slots tournaments enables you to become initiated into the worldwide community of slot enthusiasts. Playing slot machines online does not have to be a lonely activity. It's great to be a part of a community that shares your interests and enthusiasms.

Multi-player slots tournaments allow you to compete to be Number 1. There is an undeniable thrill to seeing your name on top of the leader board, and knowing that everyone else can see your name on top of the leader board, certified as a true Slots Champion.

You can win real money in multi-player tournaments. The biggest tournaments award top prizes of $5,000. Even the smallest tournament in the online casino can win you $6 for a $2 entry fee. Granted, $6 will not change your life, but there is nothing wrong with tripling your money while you are having fun playing an online slot machine.

There is little risk in playing in an online slots tournament. All you can lose is your entry fee. Even if you are having the worst luck in the world (and everyone has days like that), all those losing spins won't cost you anything. All you have lost is the few dollars you paid at the outset to enter the tournament.

Multi-Player Slot Tournament Winners and Prizes

The winner of a multi-player slots tournament is the player with the highest balance in the player's Win Box at the end of the tournament. From this, you can see that the best strategy is to play all your coins. You are not given any credit for coins remaining in your Coins Box at the end of the tournament, and you are not penalized for losing spins. So the only worthwhile thing to do with all those coins is to wager them and spin to build up your Win Box.
The number of prizes awarded, and the size of the prizes, varies from tournament to tournament. The biggest tournaments, with hundreds of players, can award a top prize of $5,000 to the first-place finisher, along with lesser prizes to each of the top 100 finishers. Smaller tournaments, of course, offer smaller prizes (but also have smaller entry fees). Some tournaments, known as Feeder Tournaments, award the winner with free entry into a bigger tournament with big prizes.

All of the information about prizes for all the tournaments is displayed on your screen before you join a tournament, so there will never be any confusion about prizes. And, even putting aside all entertainment value, and looking at the tournament solely as return on your investment of your entry fee, the prizes are always worth competing for.

More Information on Multi-Player Slots Tournaments

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