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Online Three-Card Poker at All Jackpots

Three-card poker is actually two online casino games in one: a solitary game called Pair Plus, and a competitive game against the dealer called Ante and Play. At All Jackpots Casino, you can play Pair Plus, Ante and Play, or for the most online three-card poker fun, you can play both games.

The “Pair Plus” Three-Card Poker Game

The name of the game tells you all you need to know about Pair Plus 3-card poker. You receive three cards in your poker hand, and if you get a Pair, you win a payout. If you get something better than a pair — a straight, a flush, or three of a kind — that’s the Plus in Pair Plus, and you win an even bigger payout: up to 40-to-1 for a straight flush.

The dealer also receives three cards when you play Pair Plus, but that’s strictly for show. All that matters is your hand, and you are competing only against the Pay Table, not against the dealer. Remember: In Pair Plus online 3-card poker, a Pair always wins, and a Plus wins even more.

The “Ante and Play” Three-Card Poker Game

Ante and Play is a competitive online 3-card poker game pitting you against the dealer. You start by placing your Ante bet, and then you receive three cards face-up and the dealer receives three face-down. After examining your cards, you must choose to Fold or Play.

If you Fold, you lose your Ante bet and the game is over. If you choose to Play, a Play bet equal to your Ante bet is placed on the table. The dealer’s cards are then turned over, and the 3-card poker hands are compared to determine a winner.

Online 3-Card Poker Strategy

There is no strategy involved in Pair Plus; winning or losing is determined solely by the luck of the draw. Ante and Play, on the other hand, definitely involves a significant degree of three-card poker strategy in making the best decisions on when to fold and when to play in order to minimize your losses, maximize your winnings, and come out ahead in the long run.

Three-Card Poker in the Online Casino

It’s fun to play Pair Plus, it’s fun to play Ante and Play, but the most fun is in playing both online three-card poker games together. That is why three-card poker has become one of the most popular table games in the online casino. And at All Jackpots you can multiply your 3-card poker fun with multi-hand three-card poker. So play 3-card poker online at All Jackpots Online Casino, and you’ll see for yourself how much fun an online card game can be.