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Online Blackjack at All Jackpots

Come play blackjack online at one of the oldest and most respected blackjack casinos on the World Wide Web. We have been around since the dawn of online casinos on the Internet, and we take the art of blackjack very seriously. That's why we are determined to provide the very best online blackjack games in the world.

Play Online Blackjack Any Way You Want

At All Jackpots Online Casino you can play online blackjack any way you want. Want to play for fun, no money down? No problem! Want to play for real cash and win real money? No problem! Want to download our superior Viper technology software and play the best online blackjack around? No problem! Want to try our no-download, hassle-free flash blackjack? No problem! You see, at All Jackpots Online Casino we want you to have the best time playing online blackjack just the way you like it. And if you want to learn more about the history of this great game, just read on. Or follow the links to tutorials, tips and strategies — all designed to increase the pleasure of your blackjack gaming experience.

Play Blackjack Online — It's Fun and Easy

At Alljackpots Online Casino blackjack is fun and easy to play. If you want to play online blackjack with our state-of-the-art Viper technology software, simply click on the picture of the blackjack table and start playing now. If you want to play blackjack right away without downloading any software, simply enter our Big Flash Casino and start your Internet blackjack experience immediately.

A Great Variety of Online Blackjack Games

There are several online versions of the game of blackjack available. One can read up about the blackjack rules for the different games and play Atlantic City Blackjack or Vegas Downtown Blackjack. We offer over 40 different variations! There is even a progressive blackjack game available that provides the chance for a player to win a huge progressive jackpot. A player may also check out the attractive Multihand Blackjack game online, which offers the opportunity of playing up to five blackjack hands simultaneously.

Play Free Blackjack for Fun and Practice

An attractive way to begin playing online blackjack is to take advantage of the free blackjack games available. These free games present an exciting way in which to learn how to play the game, an easy way to adjust to playing blackjack online, and a fun way to perfect your blackjack game strategies and skills. This can all be done for free, before moving on to play online blackjack for real money. So give Blackjack a shot and see why it is an old classic and a new favourite.

Play Real Money Blackjack and Reap the Benefits

Each time you play blackjack for real money at All Jackpots Casino you reap amazing benefits that befit our VIP players. Here's how it works: first you need to sign up for our Loyalty Club, which will take you seconds to join. Once you are part of our Loyalty Club you will start earning player points whenever you play online casino games like blackjack. For every $10 you gamble in real money, you will get 1 Player Point. Every 1,000 Points earned, is worth $10 in cash back into your account. The more online blackjack you play, the more money you earn — it's as simple as that. Play as much online blackjack as you want — and you will reap unlimited benefits!

About the Game of Blackjack

The exciting game of blackjack, played by many, is an old game with a rich history. Similar games to what we know nowadays as Blackjack were played in France in the 1700's. Today's game of blackjack is believed to evolved from a game called Vingt-et-Un (French for "twenty-one"). The aim of the game of blackjack is to obtain a hand that reaches, or is as close as possible to, 21 without exceeding the number. If you go over 21, then this is called "bust". Each player is dealt two cards and then a player may request more cards, one at a time.

Perhaps you have wondered how the name of the game "Blackjack" evolved. The name appears to have been born at a time when preferred odds were offered for a hand that contained a black Jack card (Jack of Clubs or Spades) together with an Ace of spades. Higher winnings were paid out when a black Jack card was used to create a winning blackjack hand. This was with the intention of attracting more players to the game. It did not take long for this benefit to be no longer necessary, and many casinos soon dropped this extra way of paying out to the players. However, the name of blackjack stuck.

The Popularity of Casino Blackjack — and Blackjack Online

Blackjack has proven itself one of the most popular games in the entire casino arena, whether at a land-based casino or online. This attractive card game has an appeal all of its own, and for many years has been a popular feature at casinos and has also been featured in several movies. Technological advances and the success of the Internet brought about the launch of online casinos. The major advantage of playing blackjack online is the convenience aspect involved. What would a casino be like without the game of blackjack? So join a great, established casino and play one of the world's most established casino games. And have fun!

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