Cars To Look Forward To In 2020

New cars coming in 2020

If there is one thing everyone can be excited about, its cars. They look fancy, get you from A to B, and otherwise impress your friends with their flashiness. That is why car enthusiasts are especially excited about 2020, given that so many flashy new cars are due for release. Will the new models get you from A to B faster, or otherwise impress your friends even beyond the expected norm? Will you be able to play Blackjack online on the car’s on-board computer? Perhaps. Let’s take a look at [Read more ...]

The Best Sources Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D pills

Have you been feeling a little down in the dumps? Are your muscles hurting, or is your body just being generally fatigued and uncooperative, making you miss out on things you enjoy like playing at an online casino, going for a walk or hitting the gym? Or does your brain feel like it might be grossly short of needed essential magnesium, phosphate and calcium? Yes, you are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, and chances are you’re not particularly happy about it. But fear not. Just because [Read more ...]

20 Great Events Coming Up in 2020

20 events to look forward to in 2020

If you’re like us, you can’t quite believe how much has already happened this year. Like any time spent  at All Jackpots Mobile Casino, it has certainly been action-packed. In the spirit of 2020’s auspicious numerology, we’ve picked 20 events that we think will be a big deal this year. Some of them are specific happenings; others are more general. All of them will make you feel alive and a part of the world. 1. The US Presidential Elections Whatever happens, the US elections are big [Read more ...]

Paris Hilton Launches YouTube Cooking Show

Paris and her pet Chihuahua make lasagne

As the daughter of a filthy rich hotel magnate, Paris Hilton can be pretty much anything she wants to be. We’ve seen her on reality shows and in movies, we’ve heard her album, we’ve seen her clothing designs, and most recently, we watched her cook. Kind of. Perhaps the heiress who first graced our screens with former pal Nicole Ritchie in the Simple Life was aiming for comic relief. Perhaps she genuinely believes she can cook. Perhaps she placed a bet without knowing about the awesome [Read more ...]

The Truth About Resistance Training

Weights in a gym

Fitness enthusiasts know that there are two kinds of workouts, cardio or aerobic exercises, and strength training. The former focuses on getting your heart rate up, and keeping your heart, lungs and circulatory system in peak shape. Much like when you win big at an online casino, cardio is designed to get that pulse racing. The latter, as the name implies, is designed to build stronger muscles. That’s why it usually involves weight. It could be your own bodyweight, as in squats or lunges, or [Read more ...]

Key Technology Trends For 2020

Augmented Reality applications

Technology! It certainly is a key part of our lives these days and continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. But, where will it go from here? Trying to make accurate predictions is difficult, because envisioning the future normally results in comical, largely inaccurate science fiction nonsense. After all, who could have guessed what a smartphone-based online casino was back in the 1980s? No one. They predicted hover boards and jetpacks instead, which mostly still don’t exist. Though, in [Read more ...]

The World’s First Living Robots Are Here

A living robot revolution

The fact that various fields of science and technology are developing at a breakneck pace is something almost everyone agrees on. As a real-life example, consider the essential surgeries that can now be performed remotely. Plus, you can enjoy your favourite games at top online casinos on your mobile device, and smart homes allow you to turn on your porch lights remotely. Don’t forget that there are also apps for everything, from monitoring your pacemaker via Bluetooth communication, to [Read more ...]

Key Differences Between 4G and 5G

The truth about 5G

If you know anything about technology, you’ll know that higher numbers generally mean better. For example, if you have a device and there is another device with a numerically higher model number, chances are you want that higher-numbered newer model! In that regard, aren’t we all frothing at the mouth in anticipation for 5G mobile networks? It will allow faster access to an online casino than ever before, and deliver videos to your device in the mere twinkle of an eye. [Read more ...]

The Top Sports Events Of 2020

2020 Australian Open

If you’ve been paying attention to the calendar, you’ll know that 2020 is set to be a major year for sports fans around the world. There are a number of major events set to occur, including the 20Twenty Cricket World Cup. And, if you are a betting person, you might want to enjoy the same thrill you get when winning at a casino online by placing bets at leading sportsbooks on the teams you think will come out on top. Take a look at some of the sporting events that are set to have fans [Read more ...]

Record-Breaking Attractions All Over the World

World’s biggest water slides

Are there any better attractions to see on your travels than those that have bagged world records? Here are 7 record-breaking international marvels to see on your next adventure – when you aren’t playing your favourite casino games of course! #1: World’s Longest Water Slide – Malaysia Measuring in at an incredible 1,110 metres long, the water slide at Penang, Malaysia’s ESCAPE theme park has broken the record for the longest tube water slide in the world. The [Read more ...]