Creating An Awesome Gaming Room

Decorating your gaming room

As we all know, basically the entire world has had to adopt an introverted, anti-social lifestyle. But feeling sorry for ourselves is, of course, the least interesting approach. The proactive have realised that gaming is the best solution, and buckled down to some dedicated, hard-core game time. Which is to say; online games have never been so popular. Pokies are a firm favourite for many, though shooters, MMOs, and just about every other type of online game has also enjoyed a massive boost in popularity.

But, with all this having to be inside and take our gaming more seriously than ever before, we got to thinking about dedicated gaming rooms. Yes, a room not just for gaming, but dedicated to it in every aspect of its existence. We’re talking collectables, decorations, and gaming merchandise. Plus, of course, TVs and consoles for the actual gaming part of the situation.

Getting Started

You know what ruins a gaming experience like nothing else? The sun. That stupid, inconsiderate ball of flames, being all bright, and hot, and unpleasant. Let’s just face it, the last thing we need is the sun getting up in our faces, causing glare on the TV, and making us miss what would have otherwise been a perfect headshot.

As far as a dedicated gaming room goes, we’re sorry to say that the sun needs to be kept out. Yes, we know it provides us with much needed vitamin D, but, frankly, we can get our vitamin D on our own terms. A gaming room needs, first and foremost, thick curtains.

Once that’s out of the way, we need comfortable, but functional seating. How many seats is up to you, but given that this is a time of pandemic quarantine, we’re going to assume that one or two will be enough for the moment. No Mario Party social evenings for a while, unless they are online!

Getting Serious

We’ll get to making the room pretty and decorated later. First, we need the largest TV in the house, and we need it in this room ASAP. Wall mounting is, let’s be honest, a good solution as far as functionality goes. We are talking about online gaming primarily, after all, so who knows if you’ll land up going into a rage and knocking a less sturdy TV off its perch, resulting in sadness and tears? Hence; put that sucker on the wall.

You might also consider some or other tantrum-proof housing for your consoles or PC. Though, we were most delighted to see genuine wall mounted consoles in our research, which really is an elegant solution that would make any gamer proud.

Setting up a gaming room

Making It Pretty

As far as gaming decorations and other room brighteners go, there is a stunning amount of merchandise available. It is also rather interesting to see the drastic variations in pricing, with everything from the reasonably affordable to the outrageously expensive up for grabs.

Fancy action figures of your favourite game hero? They are certainly available, and 12-inch-tall versions will not only spruce the room up nicely, but also leave your bank account considerably lighter.

If you’re not willing to spend that much on decoration, consider some of the excellent framed prints available, many of which are far cooler than you might be thinking. A couple of these will add a considerable level of sophistication to the whole affair, and help your gaming room not feel like a prison until its again safe to go outside.

Stay Safe

We’re serious about our gaming room tips, though we’re also serious that you should probably do your best to stay inside, and avoid making any unnecessary trips. It is an excellent excuse to commit hard to gaming right now, and since these opportunities don’t come along very often; appreciate it while it lasts.

It’s also a good excuse to set up a gaming room while you have the time. It will always be there, and you’ll be happy you took the time to put it all together now. Stay safe, and happy gaming!