Self-Indulgence and Selfieccinos

Put your face on a Selfieccino

One London café has created the ultimate millennial mash-up by combining two of your favourite pastimes – taking selfies and drinking coffee. The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser is home to the most Instagram-worthy beverage making the rounds on social media.

Located on one of London’s busiest shopping streets, The Tea Terrace is the first location in Europe to deliver the “Selfieccino”. This is no ordinary espresso based drink, charged with steamed milk and pillow-soft froth. Oh, no darling. How incredibly basic. For just under 6 pounds sterling, you can get a Selfieccino resplendent with your very own face artfully nestled atop the foam. It might not be the cheapest cup of coffee but it should more than make up for it with the amount of likes you’ll receive on your Instagram post. #Selfieccino #bestlife

How to Order a Selfieccino

It’s impossible to deny that the Selfieccino sure does take barista art to a whole new level. Visitors to The Tea Terrace can either choose hot chocolate or cappuccino as their canvas. The drinkable portrait takes about four minutes to create. Customers must order the bespoke beverage using the cafes app and send their most striking selfie to the barista. Once the actual cappuccino or hot chocolate has been made, it is put into a special machine called the “Cino.” This is where the magic happens and the photo is reproduced on the froth with flavourless colouring. Once served, you can sit back and marvel at how tech has changed the world, enjoy sipping on your self-image while reading the newspaper, playing blackjack online or chatting to a friend whose also had themselves immortalised in froth.

More Than a Dining Experience

This one-of-a-kind beverage made its debut on December 16th last year and has gained momentum on Instagram as being the hottest and most craved beverage on Instagram. The Selfiecinno is the brainchild of Ehab Salem Shouley, the co-owner of The Tea Terrace who wants to lay claim to the next viral social media fad.

Speaking to Reuters Ehab Salem Shouly remarked that, due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted. He added that it is no longer enough to just deliver great food and service- it’s got to be Instagram-worthy!

Sipping on a portrait of yourself seems to be a novel enough idea, especially for the social media obsessed, but for some it might be a tad too self-indulgent for their taste.

Frothy face fans

Welcome to a World of Whimsy

You might be surprised to find that this caffeinated drinkable piece of art is served in one of the most British institutions one can imagine – a tea room. The Tea Terrace, home to the Selfieccino, is owned by a husband and wife team of creative and passionate entrepreneurs. Tea-lovers at heart, their first English tea room opened in February 2010 with a mission to revive the tradition of English tea rooms but with something a little extra that would keep people coming back for another cup.

Their modern interpretation of a traditional tearoom has often been described as stepping into the wonderful and whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland. Each of their three branches, located in London and Guilford, boast unique and charming décor and interior design features that makes for a great backdrop for the perfect selfie. Visitors can enjoy sitting comfortably back in high-back throne chairs, or lounge luxuriously on ornate sofas that are both modern and tastefully traditional. Victorian touches and a muted, ice cream toned colour palette makes this a great spot for you to fill your camera roll with a fresh batch of selfies.