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The Best Bingo Online at All Jackpots

Bingo's history goes as far back as 1530, so it’s an age-old game that’s truly stood the test of time! Based on the Italian lottery or Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia, Bingo is fast, fun and very exciting.

The Story of Bingo

In the late 1930's Edwin Lowe, a down and out toy salesman at a carnival in the United States discovered the game of Beano. He noticed it because it was the only booth still attracting a crowd long after the others had closed. Lowe approached the table and saw it was covered with numbered cards and beans, hence the name Beano.

He waited around for a seat at the table, but was unable to join a game due to the throng of people ahead of him; however, he had just discovered what is now enjoyed as modern-day Bingo!

After seeing just how popular it was, Lowe got some beans and numbered cards and gathered a few friends together for a couple of games; and the rest is history. One of the players, so immersed in the excitement of the game and on the verge of winning, sat up and shouted Bingo! and the name, like the game, has stood the test of time.

Brilliant Bingo Online

Bingo halls still exist today, but with the advent of modern technology and the Internet it is only natural that this fun game has joined the rest of our popular online casino options.

Experienced players know that Bingo is a thrilling game that provides plenty of suspense and action, so, for our newer players, rid yourselves of the image of Grannies and Grandpa’s sitting elbow to elbow at long trestle tables, and give the game a try, so you too can experience the anticipation and fun of shouting Bingo!

The traditional game of Bingo is played on cards with 25 squares printed on, 5x5 with random numbers between 1 and 30, 1 and 78 or 1 and 90. Numbers are then drawn, and players ‘daub’ them on the card, the first player to mark off all the numbers calls Bingo!

When you play online the whole process is even easier than ever, and your matching numbers are daubed off as they are called. As soon as your pattern matches, you are a winner! This also makes it far easier to pay more than one card, so you can rack up big wins; fast!

Get In to the Game

At All Jackpots Casino we bring you the best in online Bingo entertainment 24/7! You can pick from our selection of beautifully designed Bingo games and have fun with the different themes they provide – and before you know it, you could have landed a big win.

Find out for yourself why this online casino game has remained such a player favourite when you sign up with us and start having fun. Our state of the art software runs smoothly on PC and mobile, so you enjoy the magic of Bingo wherever and whenever you please!