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Online Keno at All Jackpots Casino

Online Keno is a lucky number game similar to a state or national lottery but with greater flexibility for more excitement. The more your lucky numbers match the winning Keno numbers, the more you can win in online Keno.

A Brief History of Keno

The history of Keno begins over 2000 years ago. The original game of Keno had up to 120 beautiful and commonly known characters, taken from the "thousand character poem" of ancient China. Chinese immigrants brought Keno with them to the New World, where it became known as the "Chinese Lottery." About 150 years ago the characters were changed to numbers, and over time the game was standardized to include only 80 numbers. The game became known as "Horse Race Keno" when regulations concerning gambling and lotteries became an issue in the 1930's. When betting on horse racing came under the gun, the game name was changed again to just plain "Keno." Then, in the 1990s, came the online Keno game and a major step foward in Keno history.

How to Play Online Keno

The rules of Keno state that you start your online Keno game by first placing your bet and then selecting from one to fifteen lucky numbers out of the eighty numbers on the online Keno board. Deciding how many numbers to play is a major component of your Keno strategy. A payout table appropriate to the number of selections you made will be displayed on your screen.

Twenty numbered balls, representing the twenty winning Keno numbers, will then come rolling onto your screen. The more of your lucky numbers match the winning Keno numbers, the more you win at Keno. The top prize is 10,000 times your bet if you selected fifteen numbers and you get fifteen matches, or “hits”.

Online vs. Land-Based Keno

In land-based casinos the players are given paper tickets and pens or pencils or markers. When you play Keno online, the paper and pencils are replaced by the computer screen and the mouse. With the mouse, the player clicks on his lucky numbers. The computer screen then shows the rolling Keno balls, lights up the winning numbers on the Keno board, and automatically pays out your winnings.

The biggest difference between real money Keno online and the land-based casino Keno game is the atmosphere. In a casino, even though the Keno game is usually in a special casino "Keno lounge", there are always the distractions of music, drinks, talking and other players. Also, the player has no control over the time between hands or games. If he leaves the Keno lounge, he may lose out on a game and even forfeit his winnings. On the other hand, with online casino Keno, you play in the comfort zone of your own home. You can track your playing, pause your game, use autoplay features, and transfer your money securely. You can also enjoy the freedom to get something to eat and drink, or make a necessary phone call. When you return to the computer, the game is still waiting. Online Keno is altogether a cleaner, more comfortable, and more enjoyable game.

The Joy of Playing Online Keno

Online Keno is a great game combining ancient Chinese cultural traditions with modern computer technology and based on your luck and skill in picking lucky numbers. Come experience All Jackpots Casino games online and discover the joy of playing online Keno.